Team of Dentists at Our Network Clinic – Neuvo Laredo – Mexico

Dr. Linda Martinez talks about grupo de especialidades
dentales a leading dental clinic in Nuevo Laredo, which is a border city in Mexico
right across Laredo in Texas. I am Linda Martinez. I am a dentist, cosmetic, and I practice in
Nuevo Laredo. Nuevo Laredo is just around the corner to
in the border with Laredo, Texas and the nearby cities are San Antonio, Austin and Houston. We have been open since 18 years and it is
a clinic where we have all of the specialists in one place so that the patient doesn’t
have to go from one clinic to another clinic. And when we have cases, the difficult ones,
we get together, all of us doctors, to seek the best treatment for the patient. We don’t have to go to one clinic or call
another doctor to ask what do you think So, we see the clinic in an integral way. We have everything here. We do cosmetic dentistry. We do periodontics, we do endodontics and
orthodontics. We do implants, crowns, bridges, dentures,
whitening� everything! There are professors that come from Monterrey
and they are, most of them are professors at the university there. They are just on it. The periodontist, his name is Ernesto Gonzales. He is a periodontist. He has the degree. He is a teacher too at the University in Monterrey
called Universidad Autonoma de Nuevo Leon and he does all the perio. He puts in the implants too. I am a member of the American Dental Association. I am a member of a lot of other associations
as well in Mexico too. So, we can keep track of what is happening,
what is new, the materials and techniques and on dentistry. We have all the safety measures for the instruments. We have the Autoclave. We have the vibration
systems. So we have about 3-4 different systems to
clean the instruments. We use the best materials. We use material from the US where we go to
meetings. All of us, everyone in their area is on top
of their technology. So, we use the best materials there are in
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