Teaching and Learning at North York General Hospital

There’s a type of reward that you get from
educating the next generation of health care providers that you just don’t get in
any other area of work. It does take effort and time and
dedication but I think for most us that do it we
feel that for all of that work and effort and time that we put into it
we get so much more back. One of the things that the students find
very important at North York General Hospital is the real sense of
community. So they’re coming here to really be
involved in some real-world education and clinical
experiences. They often, no matter what discipline
they’re in, really have that one-on-one contact with their clinician, preceptor, teacher, mentor that they don’t always get at other
hospitals. The most inspiring thing for me as a teacher is seeing the students evolve and seeing
them learn and meet their educational goals. Seeing a student pick
up suturing tools for the first time in seeing them sew up their first
laceration, that brings me so much joy to see the
look of satisfaction in their face. And then knowing that that first
skill that they’ve learned they’ll carry with them throughout the rest to their learning and their
careers. One of our sub projects within the education
initiative is to grow the number trainees that we
educate here at North York General. But we want to provide the best
quality of education not just increase our numbers but we want the experience of the learner to be a rich and valuable and exciting one
here at North York General. We really are encouraging our
learners to learn from other disciplines as well. We do connect with them them depending on
their rotation with other health professionals so they really do work, spend some time with the team, learning
others’ roles and how they can work together for
the better of the patient cause that’s really what we’re all here for. I definitely feel the sense of learning in this environment. Everybody’s so supportive whether they’re physicians, nurses, SOPs, OTs and I’ve been able to interact with many
other students as well, nursing students, PT students. So I feel like
there’s a lot of growth and learning in this environment. We truly believe that being involved in academics and being
involved in education really can improve the health of our
patients and our community. As clinicians and we’re all, you know I’m a clinician, I’m a teacher I know that I teach for many different
reasons and one of the things is because you know it’s fun, it’s
exciting, it keeps me current, it keeps me sharp, it
keeps me very sort of active and involved. And we believe that we can then
provide better care to our patients by being involved in academics and education. Patients are the key to student learning. Without their participation and their willingness to have a resident or medical student examine them, think of diagnostic questions and management plans we would have no learning. So they’re instrumental in our
learning and we thank them for being a part of our learning. The sky’s the limit in terms of what we can do here and we’ll do it wisely and smartly and effectively with the good leadership that I think we have with our people doing this

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