Tayler Murray, PA-C – Family Medicine in Marshalltown, Iowa | McFarland Clinic

Hi, my name is Tayler Murray, and I’m a board-certified
physician assistant. I joined McFarland Clinic in 2018, and I practice
at the Marshalltown Southside Clinic. I specialize in Family Medicine. I chose this specialty because I love taking
care of families all throughout their lifespan and watching them grow, and I also love coordinating
care for patients and taking care of the whole person. It’s my job to provide compassionate care
to patients, provide a listening ear and encourage them to live healthier lives. I can see patients for sick and acute visits,
for well child and well adult visits and follow-ups on chronic conditions. Patients can expect to meet with me and discuss
what is bothering them, go through a physical exam and any other testing that is required, and
then we’ll come up with a plan together. I think collaborative care is really important because it strengthens the provider-
patient relationship. They can also plan to receive care based on
evidence-based medicine which is from the latest research. I think the most rewarding part for me is
building relationships with patients and getting to talk to them every day. I really enjoy watching them get healthier
when adequate treatment has been given, and I really like assuring they’ve been care for
and listened to. Extraordinary Care means going above and beyond
to make sure patients are well taken care of. It’s important to keep an open line of communication
with patients so they always know what the next step is and how they can improve their

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