TAVR Grand Opening | Regional Medical Center Bayonet Point

(light pop music) – I had open heart surgery twice in 2008 and I told my lovely wife, “It ain’t ever gonna happen
again, no matter what.” – I would like to
acknowledge and appreciate the whole TAVR team, which is transcatheter
aortic valve replacement without doing open heart surgery, replacing the valve without
opening up the chest. – And when I found out
about the TAVR situation here at Bayonet Point, they
operated on me at 11 o’clock, at 1:30 I was finished, they
took me back to my room. And 9 o’clock that night,
I was walking the halls. – Over the last several months, I actually can see in their eyes the pride and the pleasure that
they have put into this. – The team, I can’t say enough of them. I’ve written letters, I’ve sent cards, and I thanked them all tonight and I thank ’em again from
the bottom of my heart. They gave me my life back. – They have a vision. There’ll be more people
coming, more skilled people, more new programs, better
care, bigger hospital, and that’s what happened. I am proud of it standing here today, and I promise you, you
haven’t seen the end of it. Thank you. (audience applauding)

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