TAVR aortic valve replacement: “I left the hospital with a Band-Aid”

you know what my friends cannot keep up
with me I’m not bragging but they just cant and some of them are younger than I am too. Tonight I’ll go play cards play pinochle tomorrow I have to visit a friend in
the nursing home, I’m a reader gotta go to library, Wednesday morning I get my hair done and go bowling. Thursday I play cards I go out to dinner that night. I said to my son one day, I’m bored, he said ma how can you be bored you’re never home. I was a probation officer for like fifteen years i think i will like 63
when I retired, enough of this went to see my cardiologist every now and then you
know about a year and a half ago and he said to me he said eventually you will need a new valve and
i said oh not me i’m too old to go through this procedure no he says you’re
in good shape, I said fine so that’s how it all started I’m always in a hurry hurry all
the time about all my packages in the upstairs in the minute I grew up here
and start walking get your head is heavy feeling that was the only symptom
I had, the next time I had pain I called him and said I think its time to do something I
said I can’t stand this you know, I was very nervous my daughter kept saying mom dont be afraid don’t be afraid there’s new technology out she said but I
don’t know if they do it in the Lehigh Valley she said but I’ll find out so that’s when she told
me about TAVR, and I said what does that mean? she said transcatheter aortic valve replacement. I said do I have to tell my friends that long thing she said yeah if you want too just tell them TAVR, but they won’t know what you’re talking about that’s when she said to me no problem
mom you are gonna be good when you get this done they’re not gonna cut you open. I said no I talked to the doctor about that she’s said you’ll only been there a few days after
that I was calm, I was calm the first thing I had to do is get the Catheterization then I had an echo, then I had a cat scan, this TAVR procedure was back in January. I talked to the doctor he said keep you for three days and you may go
home when I got out of that operating room I was ready to get off that table and walk home
that’s how good I felt really and I feel good ever since that day. I just had a little scar on the groin that was it, just with a Band-Aid just a Band-aid. so they kept me in ICU
just overnight but the snow storm came so I have an extra two days at the hospital, it was just wonderful I would tell anybody who had to get that done go do it go do it
they told me I will be like in the woman and I feel like a bionic woman, i have all new parts. my other friend is getting ready to do this and Gurtrude go get it done because its worth it. I’m looking forward to flying to Virginia see my great grand daughter they named
after me Elizabeth Jean so I got to see her I have to go to Florida she’s gonna have
hers in July should go down there and next summer I may go to Europe then I’ll
see the new baby over there too. I’m not bragging but excellent, I feel so good

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