Taronga Wildlife Hospital Update: Rescued Koala Health Check

Yesterday we received this female koala
from the Lithgow area which is an area that has been impacted by fire she was
weak and dehydrated and brought to us by a wires carer so just examined her under
under anaesthesia she’s probably about a seven to nine year old koala based on
her teeth wear she’s very thin she’s very dehydrated she obviously hasn’t
eaten well for a while so it’s likely that as a result of the drought and the
fires there hasn’t been – she hasn’t had access to having adequate food so we’re
still waiting on some some test results so that’s our goal that hopefully issues
return to the wild it’s going to be a big big effort to restore these wildlife
populations and after the fires have been been through and destroyed those
habitats. These generous donations to our Taronga appeal will be extremely
valuable to support the breeding programmes, providing expertise in
population management and also the work that our Wildlife Hospital here at
Taronga Zoo does

5 thoughts on “Taronga Wildlife Hospital Update: Rescued Koala Health Check

  1. Thank you Australian rescue volunteers for saving and rehabilitating fire-injured koalas. You are HEROES to the world. And you are ANGELS to the koalas you rescue. Thank you Toronga wildlife hospitals and personnel for your efforts.

  2. Poor baby breaks my heart to see her but hopefully she will be stronger and one day re released but you know you should not re release her its not safe anymore they have no food no habitat to return to just a devastating situation thank you to all the volunteers for taking care of them. God bless you all

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