Tammy Slaton weight loss progress after doctor rejected her bariatric surgery.

Tammy Slaton is one of the sisters who star
in the TLC show” 1000-Lb Sisters” She has a Youtube Channel of her own with
around 56.9K Subscribers. Tammy Weighed around 608 pounds and had difficulty
walking, moving around, and was dependent on her sister, Amy for almost everything. With the Overweight, she also suffered from
many Medical Conditions. Mainly, these were High Blood pressure, Blood
Clot, and a bad GallBladder. Thus, Tammy with her younger sister, Amy,
went to the doctor for Bariatric surgery. Initially, Tammy clocked in at 605 lbs, with
hard work and diets she was able to lose 18 pounds in months. Doctor rejected Tammy for surgery because
she could not lose enough weight in time. but the good doctor vows to help achieve her
dream weight loss. Now some good news has surfaced, Tammy is
enjoying the peak weight loss in many years. On February 12, 2020, TLC Posted a video on
Youtube captioned, ” Tammy’s Encouraging Progress”. In the video, we can see Tammy starting a
new life and doing her everyday chores on her own. At the beginning of the season, her Weight
around 608 Pounds. First, she lost 18 pounds, and the progress
continued. She further dropped 31 pounds. In total of 49 pounds. Meaning Tammy Slaton is around 559 pounds
with no need for a walker to support her.

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