Tallaght University Hospital PANTS for continence

Hi Rónán, how are you? Not bad Lisa, how was your morning? Good, I’m just back from my female clinic I saw a poor lady there who has had
stress incontinence for the last 15 years and I think this is the first time
she’s actually spoken to anyone about it she didn’t really realise that there was
anything that could be done about it so it’s unbelievable when you see those patients No it is and we are the lucky ones really to have your service but it’s funny you mention that you know we discharged a lady last
week and you know I think she’d been in hospital maybe two weeks and again she
mentioned to me almost as she’s going out the door that she’s suffered with this
stress and urge incontinence for many many years and people just don’t feel
that maybe empowered or feel confident enough to speak up about incontinence and
I suppose I was wondering if maybe we could do something more about it Well it’s funny you mention that Rónán because it’s the National Continence Week this week
so it’s a good time to raise awareness about it It is and I suppose one of the
things I’ve also noticed as well as is that just in general we sometimes maybe we
approach the problem by putting pants on people without maybe thinking and maybe
we need a new “pants” for continence Pants mnemonic exactly. So “P” for being
proactive about continence when patients come in under our care Yeah and I think “A” just a general increased awareness both among staff and the public that incontinence
is a common issue Yeah and for patients to know that there
shouldn’t be such a stigma about it and there’s nothing to be ashamed of So there’s the “N” and then “T” I suppose we do need to promote talking about the problem both
from a patient perspective and staff talking to patients as well Exactly and “S” for solving the problem so making patients and the medical community aware
that there are so many treatments in terms of just conservative, medical,
surgical so there’s loads of options for patients who have incontinence to get on and treat it And us to maybe start the conversation about how we have proper comprehensive interdisciplinary clinics as well PANTS for continence

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