taking Morgan Adams to LA’s 1-Star Hospital FOR HER 8 RINGWORMS

I don’t want to get too close to you because I don’t want to give you my ring worms. Since yours are already cured I also have bronchitis. Hi Okay guys so, um, I went to the once our Hospital and I feel like you guys enjoyed that video So now I’m starting a series where I bring a beautiful I’m just kidding Morgan on the same pathway where we know I’m on I she had one ring room I have eight five. I lost everyone. I don’t know if it’s a ringworm or a remote poisoning Like there’s like a new I know I think there’s like experience of ringworm I think it’s ringworm how they like make a circle like that. But then they the middle like isn’t is like clear Yeah, I like I’m Aries like this one Jen. I’m so scared. I’m susceptible to ring one Oh my god, well stay away from me that I got my gave me susceptibility for anyone I’m like along with a bunch of trauma, but I hope you’re not suspecting. Oh, I don’t know that word So Morgan I was like oh, we’re actually friends when I do look she was asking me if I wanted to hang out and I was like I don’t want to give you my bronchitis and I was like no come over I’m experienced with ringworm. Yes So then I was gonna figure – the ones are a little just like for fun and then we’re like wait should we film it? It’s also 2:00 in the morning So tonight Morgan I add one motion why do you have so many nights stalker issues daddy issues Like the time of night right start getting like like Hillary like we did a spread some shots like an hour ago wolf We’re just talking about how our wearing off we can’t let me do it. I think we should do another one She’ll be you know, we have coffee I’ll drink whatever you drink This time hoping to get the same doctors at you Yeah 100% I think that that doctor has become so much more famous than any one of us could ever be and it’s just like I Want to go back I want to visit am I have so many more questions. I salute you guys have so many more questions I was like at this point you treat ringworm at the well see if you can cure your one we’re gonna see if you can cure my eight and my arm is Challenged to doctor each case is gonna get harder and harder. No wax and I’m gonna have 39 more from her eight right now It’s this is so disgusting. I don’t know I’m scared They’re gonna remember me and they means to me and kick us out And even though I wonder they literally refuse to service me because they know and they’re like filming Stay tuned You know you could but is it prescription from a crackhead across from a strip club out of one star Hospital no They refuse a service we go to the strip club Since we’re already in the name and then we like still have a video. Yeah We also just broke her hand, so we’re gonna see what they can do for her I mean so much She just took a painkiller actually It’s a Prescription and really strong me making Morgan leave all of her expensive shit at home because she really doesn’t know what she’s in born Okay, I’m gonna bring my insurance Don’t worry the payment is four dollars in case you want to leave no way. No, but like it’s cheapest shit That’s actually kind of why I’m living for it. I think I might as making my regular dosage. I don’t know I’m like we can use mine. It’s brand new I Mean Mario asked for a z-pack and he literally gave him steroids for lupus but go off I mean I have been sick for like less than 24 hours and maybe you could try though because I feel like last time what? Made my video funny wasn’t even really my ringworm. It was Mario’s cold, like how they were trying to treat his cold Okay, I’m like, let me see it yeah, that’s that’s not it Watch this literally be the most normal experience ever and there’s just like literally kermy vlogs Wonky sides or your off-white slides I’m gonna get robbed. I kinda know where the off white ones. Okay. I want to look cute The people that have this fancy or even care didn’t cure me So maybe the people with a less fancy one will cure me. That’s what I think which literally straight up I think they did a great job of caring varying room Yeah, if you were wondering my ring or mascara, I have a little scar I’ve been patching it out on face to a girls trip. I’m literally putting my inhaler in my Calvin Klein You can’t bring your backpack straight up and they’ll judge you to like even if you don’t get robbed Like I feel like they’re like, oh these cunts are here Literally the same with our crusty tonus I Literally go. Yeah, we’ll look at my big toe. It’s so long. Mine are so short. I literally picked a little oh my god we’ve arrived oh My god, I think it’s my guy I think he’s here wait. Oh my god, we’re back I’m back. I Brought my friend here because she has ringworm – Who is your boss is he the doctor? No the owner of the clinic? Oh my god, so he was mad that I was filming. Yeah I’m sorry, it’s fine. I just want you to know that I love you though, and the people love you Thank you, but people really loved you. I’m serious Well, it’s actually her First time yes We’ve had so much coffee that my hands like can’t write anymore Everything you know what your hand doesn’t like do it? No way writing shit because I haven’t like written shit in like years dropouts Forel you dropout Did you guys I dropped out of college? Oh I loved being My friend that’s fantastic that I loved Oh Anthony got in trouble last time by now. We are here on a secret mission. May I have the wings? It’s no secret Like nonchalant it like you brought the biggest fucking camera Came I was gonna have like a DSLR Literally you should have seen his face and I walked in he was a kid out really we just go back right away I’m like this what happens when you’re a fucking what’s called regular? Tell me why did that last are you? What illness are you treating I’m five seven dude tell me why no, no way Literally, I’m like a straight lines of like hers and her titties like when I oh my god Yeah, that’s bullshit. And I also have bronchitis which I supposed to get checked up for again, but you guys do like shots here It’s really a cold tongue. Yeah, wait Morgan. Will you get a shot? Oh, absolutely not. Do you trust the shots here? No, maybe yeah. Oh, yeah. He’s like most of them Okay, no, that’s good you guys got skirts for the sink I miss the pool do you think it’s because You look I think you did that I’m going cross-eyed from this I go Yeah, actually a big one you fucking crack I’m just gonna keep taking normal. Yes Do you get a lot of people that come here like on crack mmm about patience Do you know what like crack looks like they like people on crack like they can is that how do we look like? No This time, oh my god, I’m like there they are Oh my god, if I was this was the most fun thing, yeah, those are for the girls that go to the strip club. Oh My god Why is it from me right now? I can’t believe I’ve got a kegger today Yeah, that’s the like trash right biohazardous infectious. Waste was it? There’s like a bomb. Hey, why does it sound like my Instagram? He’s cute that actually really grossed me out I mean, this is fun out of everywhere I’ve ever been in the world. I never thought I would come back here I love how he literally told me I had high blood pressure Because I drink five coffees and then it went down like every time he took the first I was really worried I’m like, well, I’m like really getting out of control No, no, I love My girl or Anil finger moving I know why are these just accessible, you know, I got most doctors offices so far This is Emma. Just Extra coffee for the one star and he looked mean he was like ouch, like I didn’t mean to like call it the one star hand I think about it like I Actually feel so bad I wasn’t trained like cuz I love him I Like it here because it feels like non-threatening. Yeah, like home. Yeah, like I feel like I’m welcome here I was straight-up raised in micro daycares. Like this one was about a train this ago didn’t realize there’s not a second handle. Oh Okay, she’s not she’s not ready Can I see that is to go inside of I’m gonna find out I’m gonna see the inside. Could you show me your insides? I don’t know that’s been in someone’s asshole this video. They reads those cotton balls are just a wash I’m guaranteed a wash those in a washer and dryer Wait, really Geez are something that you buy the movie anything You should have done a few days ago like two months. Yeah, but they are like slowly getting the bigger And the weed show playing out there wow, this is a very different Blood work honestly, like a few years ago. I might try the creams first though Okay, and then see if that works and then if not, I’ll do the blood work. What are you doing back here? Just taking notes. No walk around me calling my mom like I mean, welcome to my house tour Nobody is giving us free rein like the entire house you like I imagine Yeah, any other parts other than being able to just go look at this room? Come on in welcome to my mansion also, what’s that? What kind of plastic surgery do you do? Breast augmentations, we do I think fillers as well. I will get lip filler like anything that I have Did you say no? Once do they have them There’s no one ever in here in life Cuz I live here That’s literally someone’s plasma you I’m gonna throw up I have to be here that’s so gross and put it in your under eyes We have to go back from to Morgan fuck fungus cream is gonna be $30 We’re also gonna give you a time to nut cream, which is also $30. So your total will be Tonight wait on scheduling the next wait, there’s gonna be one time. Okay $30. It’s also $30 There’s gonna be one time. Would you like to buy the medications here or would you want to miss the prescription? I’ll buy them here. I’m like, that’s what I did. I’m a regular wait so you can just buy the prescription here Oh, but you get the medicine, yeah, whoa, so it’s a pharmacy. I’m so computer like drug cartel Is this a drug ring? Okay Wow, I never thought about that that’s actually true You just go bring like red patches on pockets I got em, they’re still grinding up weed on the TV That’s fast I give it five stars He said he doesn’t know if it’s a ringworm or fungus So he gave me a cream for both, okay. Hmm, what are the pills dude? It’s just for allergy. Did they fuck you up? no, I Think we actually just take it out of the package and put it in the bottom reading a bunch of comments about the doctor you Saw him being drunk. Okay, so he was a drunk Okay, so just like pain pills, maybe no, well, he does take a lot of medication So you like? Oh, yeah, most definitely like the really best doctor. That’s cool thing you have is back come another doctor Oh, wow everything about you. They’re great about you the people fucking love, you know, sexy stranger I don’t know. They love you. I have you had anyone come here. No, the doctor kept calling me Tina. Yeah Yeah, it knows me and I’m Tina and he knows me I oh My god Guys, I think this is my last time here forever So if you ever want to hit up likely Nica medica 24 horas about house cascos I recommend it cut he didn’t know if I had to ringworm or fungus so he just gave me claritin That’s the only thing I’m really interested about is how they give you the medicine in the store Think about it in the doctor’s office. They’re giving you the medicine that gives me like serious drug ring vibes Yeah, it’s crazy because you go in and like you don’t have to go to a pharmacy. They give you the medicine in there I mean, it’s also claritin so they probably just go to Walgreens Wow, they didn’t even charge me for the visit So like I just got a visit for free and they just let us roam around the entire thing Okay, also him telling us if that doctor wasn’t high when his eyes were barely opened. He was doing a Rastafarian we’ve capped it I’m not gonna lie leaving this home was so different. I mean the two doctors the difference in them is absolutely insane My crate was for short like just rolled out of the back like high, but I loved it It was yeah Like welcoming and refreshed and well At least he was like more calm than the last one and didn’t try threatened to be your ass in the back, you know Well, I also asked him if it was ring room he was like I don’t know. Like I’ll just give you a cream for like fungus and ringworm it like you can figure it out Literally, that’s not what doctors do I’m not sure what it is But I’ll give you three different things so you can figure like he was like if it doesn’t work like just come back I literally was like I have bronchitis and he was like, okay Well, honestly, I give it like a five star I’m kind of sad because I do feel like that’s the last time I’ll ever go there I mean, yeah for sure but like if you’re in the market for a casual checkup, especially for ringworm, I love that He said we were the only two people that have ever been there. I Love how they prescribed an eclair to Look and I was like, okay. I’ll pay for it Yeah, then literally Morgan to swipe a card with zero hesitation jeffree star buying Louis Vuitton a star doctor medicine subscribe

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  1. 1. i ended up finding out Gabe was quitting his job in two weeks so the little quick seconds of his face are fine
    2. i am going back to the dentist this fucking week
    3. how funny would it be if Morgan had 7 ring worms instead of 8 and we could’ve made a 7 rings joke

  2. you know what’s funny? i happen to know the doctor & the medical assistant & i can tell y’all rn that the doctor DOES NOT get high or smoke weed on the job. he literally stays there all night (its a 24 hour urgent care clinic), Gabriel has to go wake the doctor up when patients are in the rooms. funny how you only assume he was high bc he was wearing a rasta hat. he probably could barely open his eyes bc be was ASLEEP.

    “he doesn’t know shit” i bet he knows way more than you. gtfo.

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  10. I'm unfortunately susceptible to ringworm as well and it's soooooo annoying! It takes so long to get rid of and omg so itchy! I once had one on the top of my entire hand it like was just one giant ass ringworm it was NAST!

  11. Those look like dry skin patches. I get those and I went to the doctor cause I thought it was ringworm but it was actually just dry skin patches. They look circular and empty like that.

  12. Ketoconazole is absolutely perfect cream for ringworm. It's an antifungal of azole group. Destroys the cell wall synthesis of dermetophytes.

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  14. I used to have ringworms all the time and i used this one tube for it and it worked so good, reply back if you want it or anything.

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