Take the Tour: Blake Recovery Center at Carrier Clinic

Addiction treatment has been redefined
at the new Blake Recovery Center. Starting with
attentive 24/7 medically supervised care for detoxification and residential rehabilitation. Enhanced
programs that incorporate mind and body wellness therapies as part of the treatment process, with compassionate care administered by a team of specialists. Tailored programs dealing with the specific issues and challenges affecting adults and those specific to younger adults. Choice of meals prepared by our resident chef, served in a friendly and supportive environment. Achieving wellness isn’t just a medical and therapy program. It’s providing the compassionate care of
individual solutions for recovery, making sure that your stay is comfortable, constructive, and engaging. Blake Recovery Center has the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of approval. With the heritage of over 30 years, we’ve become one of the most trusted names in addiction recovery. Leave your addiction
here by starting your recovery here. The new Blake Recovery Center at Carrier Clinic.

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