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(upbeat music) – Hi, I’m Penny from Kid vision VPK. – Hi Penny. – Hi, we’re here today to find out about Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. – Well, I can definitely
help you with that. I’m part of the pediatric transport team here at Joe DiMaggio, and we
bring children everyday here to help them in the hospital
because they’re sick. We have many things in
this truck to help them. Would you like to see what’s inside? – Yes. – Yes, we’d love to see what’s
in an ambulance. Thank you. (upbeat music) – [Nurse] As a nurse, I
monitor your blood pressure and your heart. – [Maria] This is gonna
measure your blood pressure. It’s gonna give you a hug, okay. And sometimes it hurts a
little, but then it stops. – [Nurse] And Maria, she’s part of my team and she’s gonna make sure
that you’re breathing good. She’s the respiratory therapist, and she takes care of your lungs, okay? – Okay. – And you see the green number? That tells me things about your heart. Blue number tells me things
about your respiration, yellow tells me how’s
your breathing, okay? – [Nurse] The ambulance sometimes goes very fast with the lights, so we wanna make sure
that we are very safe. – Is the ambulance
driver part of your team? – Of course, the ambulance
driver, his name is Cory, would you like to meet him? – Yes. – Alright, let’s go meet Cory. Hey, Cory. – Hey guys. – Hi. – How’s it going? Okay, guys, come on up
here, check this out. Our job is, mine specifically, is to get these sick kids
back to the hospital safe. See, we all have real important jobs. They’re in the back helping the patient, and I’m up front here, getting us to the hospital,
nice, safe and sound. Push this button right here. Go ahead.
– What button? – That one, push it. (siren wailing) – The sirens! The sirens, they say, “Get out of the way. I’m coming
through. It’s an emergency.” So make sure that you
know when you hear sirens and you see the lights
flashing, to get out of the way. (sirens wailing) – Hi guys. – Hi, I’m Penny from Kid
Vision VPK. Glad to meet you. – Nice to meet you. I’m Christina. I’m a Child Life Specialist here at Joe DiMaggio Children’s Hospital. – Terrific. We just
came from the ambulance and we’d love to see what
happens in the hospital. – Great! Well, if you
came with an ambulance, this is where you’d come.
This is our emergency room. Once here, the doctors
are going to put you into one of these rooms,
called an examination room. When you’re in here, a nurse or a doctor will come and see you,
and check out your body to make sure that
nothing’s wrong with you. Who wants to see what
an examination is like? Okay, great! We’re going to go into the room and check it out. So once we’re in this room,
a nurse is going to come in and check out your body
and see how you’re feeling. Here she comes now. – Hey David. How are
you? My name is Heidi. I’m going to be your nurse today. I’m going to do a quick
physical on you, okay? I just need you to lean forward and take a couple really big,
deep breaths for me. Okay? Like you’re blowing out a candle. Okay, deep breaths. (deep breathing) – Good job! Your lungs sound really good. Now I’m going to take your temperature, because I want to make sure that you don’t have a fever. Open your mouth. Close your mouth. Good job! No fever. And the last thing that I’m going to do is I’m going to take your blood pressure. I just want to make sure
that your heart is working. It’s going to give your
arm a nice big hug, okay? Big hug. Hold on. It’s almost done. Good job, David. You did
really good. Guess what? You’re all good! High five. – Great! He’s A-Okay! What would we do if David wasn’t okay? – In that case, we’d have
to go to another part of the hospital where there’s machines that look inside your body, called the Imaging Department. Let’s go! – Great. (upbeat music) – Here we are in the
hospital’s Imaging Department. This is where we do
MRIs, CT scans, x-rays, and so much more. This is Lynn. She’s our imaging technologist. And she’s going to tell
us how the machines work. – Good morning. My name is Lynn. I’m the CT technologist.
I’m licensed and trained to operate the machines
in this department. – Why are machines important? – Machines are important
so we can look in your body to see if there’s any problems
that need to be fixed. Would you like to see
how the machine works? – Yeah. – Yes. – I work in the CAT scan department and it’s located in Pirate
Island, so come on this way. – Pirate Island! (suspenseful music) – So x-rays take pictures of your bones. This machine takes a lot of pictures of the inside of your body. – What do you take pictures of? – Well, we take pictures
of your heart to see your blood pumping. We
take pictures of your lungs to make sure you’re breathing properly. And we take pictures of your brains and that controls the whole
body and how it functions. This is the CT scanner.
It’s like a big donut. The camera’s inside here and goes around your body,
taking multiple pictures and then it’s sent to a
computer that processes it into a 3D image. I’m going to show you how
it works. You go first. (upbeat music) – [Penny] This machine doesn’t look like the regular CT machine. – We know that kids are sometimes afraid of having tests done so we’ve
made everything kid-friendly for them so it looks
more like a playground. – Does it hurt? – No, it doesn’t hurt.
Nothing touches you. The only thing that happens
is the table goes up and in and out of the scanner to take the pictures. You have to stay very still. Keep your head just like this, and don’t move at all. The table moves in and out, and nothing will touch you. Very good, you’re doing a good job. And you stay very still, just like that. You did a great job. How was that? – [Girl] Good. – Was that easy? Was it scary? Not at all, right? Good girl. – (upbeat music) – So say the doctor needs
a little bit more time to figure out what’s wrong.
You may stay overnight in a hospital room that
looks just like this. Each room has a bed where
you’ll sleep at night, a pull-out couch for Mom
and Dad to spend the night, a TV where you can watch movies and your favorite shows, and your own bathroom with a shower. – What happens here? – Once you’re here, a
lot of different people are going to come in to
see you and each person has their own special job. – Hi, I’m the doctor, and
what I will do is review with the nurses what they’ve been doing, what they know about you,
and then I’ll examine you, which could include
listening to your lungs, to your heart, and feeling your stomach. And then afterwards, we’ll
decide what we need to do to make you better. – Hi, I’m a nurse. My job is to take notes about your health, listen to your heart rate and breathing, and make sure you’re getting
better each and every day. – Hi, I’m Tonya. I’m the nurse’s aide. I help the nurse, and I come
to take your temperature and blood pressure to make sure that you continue to get better. – Hi, my name is Elaina. I’m
your food service worker. Here at Joe DiMaggio
we offer room service. You can order any kind of
food you like at any time, and I’ll be more than happy
to bring it for you. Enjoy! (harmonica playing) – Hi, my name is Lotsy
Dotsy, the resident clown here at the Joe DiMaggio
Children’s Hospital. I provide smiles and laughter
and distract everybody when they’re not feeling so great. – Come on, jump up. Yes, good girl. Hi, this is Nutmeg, everyone’s
favorite care partner. She gives lots of love, wags, and kisses. Come on Nutty, let’s go
visit other patients. Let’s go. – Wow, there are a lot
of people that take care of the children here. It’s not such a scary place. – You’re right! And there’s
one more place I haven’t shown you yet that you’re going to love. Come on, let’s go! Here at Joe DiMaggio, we
believe in the power of play, so we have playrooms just
like this on every floor of our hospital for children and families to come and play. – It’s great! Thank you so much for showing us the hospital today. We learned so much. – Thank you. – You’re welcome! – Can we play? – Yeah! – Yes! (upbeat music) (silly music)

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