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[MUSIC] What’s up, family? It’s your boy Nate, a.k.a @TabaskoSweet,
and you’re watching Cheap Thrills. You already know what it is! I bet you’re wondering, why your
boy is dressed like this right now. Tis the season, so I’m blessing the needy, by opening
up Tabasko Sweet’s Clout Clinic. That’s Dr. Tabasko Sweet to you, family. Ph.D, gang! All right, so let’s check out my first
patient’s file before he gets in here. Says here, this dude is in
serious need of a swagger boost. Can’t be anything your boy can’t fix. Come on in.
>>What’s up, family?
>>[BLEEP]. All right,
this is much more serious than I thought.>>Aah!>>My guy, you’re in critical condish. But don’t worry,
your boy’s gonna get you healthy again. He’s gonna be a certified flex offender
by the time we’re done with him.>>I wanna flex on the Gram like you do, Tabasco.
>>[SOUND] One like [SOUND] equals one prayer, family. Please help me put some clout on Derek,
he needs it. All right family, first things first,
we gotta run a few tests. Open wide. [MUSIC] [SOUND]
>>Am I okay?>>Ooh, we don’t have much time. Your temp is running very low bro,
not fuego. All right,
now we got to give you a quick clout scan. Spread out your arms. [SOUND]
>>This is just like the airport. [SOUND]
>>Your clout level is critically low. Honestly bro,
I don’t know how you’re still breathing. But don’t panic, the doctor’s in. [MUSIC]>>Is there any hope?
>>My freaking guy, your heartbeat, it’s an 808 slapper! I knew you had the clout
inside you somewhere. The litness is in there. You just need a major wardrobe assessment.
>>[BLEEP] me up, family!>>[SOUND] All right, I’ll do it.>>Let’s get it!>>Okay, first of all, what’s going on up here? I bet you got hella punked
on in middle school for this messenger bag.
>>It’s true.>>And this shirt. It looks like you’re fitting to do
my taxes, not finesse the plug. You feel me? And let’s take a look at those pants. I mean, what are these, khakis? My guy,
you look more LinkedIn than Lincoln build. But don’t worry,
we’re gonna get you fitted. Here’s your prescription my guy, RX Gang. [MUSIC] All right, you look great! How do you feel, my guy?
>>Legendary! As you can see,
I’ve got my guy laced up here, in a very rare boosted long sleeved shirt.
>>Boosted, boosted, boosted, boosted, yeah!
>>We still got some work to do. Anyway, why don’t you show them the back, my guy?
>>What’s the back say?>>Blessings on blessings, my guy. You’ve got the very iconic praying hands,
on some god-tier [BLEEP]. Now it’s my medical recommendation to
pair a very legendary piece like this, with some camo shorts, like these. Now you wanna go for colored camo, for maximum clout.
>>Is my rig fully slammed?
>>Now you’re well on your way to full recovery, but my work is not over. Now, winter is here, family. So layering is key. Don’t worry, your boy’s got your back. Gonna hook you up with this very clean,
Cheap Thrills pull over. Damn, whose man is that? Now, can’t have my boy leaving
the house without some proper links. [MUSIC] Much better. [MUSIC] Now, we gotta get you some head gear,
my son. Now this red boosted hat, is the perfect
statement piece to go humble flex, to fully unhinged. [MUSIC] This lid, is serious heat, family. Now I’m sorry my guy, but
I think your vision is a little clouded with these guys.
>>I can’t see without those.>>Now it’s time to hook you up with some very clean optics. [SOUND] Hell yeah! Goggles on clout. I see your vision and I [BLEEP] with it. Now, this rig is pretty slammed, but
I still feel like I’m missing something. [SOUND] Of course! You can’t be leaving your house without
Doomsdays on Deck, and your extender. [SOUND] Hand in hand, my guy.
>>Ey, ey, ey!>>Boosted, boosted, boosted, boosted, boosted, boosted, boosted, yeah! Boosted, boosted, boosted, boosted,
boosted, boosted, boosted, yeah! Pull up to the seat, my car so
fresh, yeah, I boosted it! Pull up to the seat, my car so
fresh, yeah, I boosted it!>>[SOUND] Just one second. I can’t believe my eyes, bro. I’m so proud of you right now. [SOUND]
Yes! His clout levels, they’re skyrocketing. Make sure to add someone in the comments
that’s in major need of a swagger boost. We’re here for you,
at Tabasko Sweet’s Clout Clinic. And if you’re trying to get your
rig slammed, like Derek here. Call 1-772-BOO-STED. That’s 772-B-O-O-S-T-E-D, family. New year, [SOUND] new you, family. If I can help him,
I can help you too, call today.>>Gang gang! [MUSIC] [SOUND] Like, comment, comment,
comment, subscribe, subscribe. Don’t be a zero. Tune in every Tuesday for
some new fuego video. [SOUND] Gang, gang!

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  3. Link to these glasses??? Ive bought clout goggles before but there never round like in this video mine always are oval

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