T.I.A. “Mini Stroke” – The Nebraska Medical Center

We take it as a very serioius matter. Even
though, that you know it’s something that hasn’t caused any lasting damage; it’s benign.
Maybe we shouldn’t pay any attention. We take the opposite approach. We want to see those
patients just like we’d see any stroke patients. In fact, most of these patients are admitted
to the hospital to find out what particular cause happened that may have produced this
TIA. For example, if we look at patients who came to the emergency room and were given
a diagnosis of TIA, within 90 days, 10% of these people will have a stroke.
To make it worse, half of those 10%, so 5% overall, will have a stroke within 48 hours.
So that’s why it is so important. If you think about it.
And if you think about it, since we have only 10-20% of people who have a stroke, who have
a TIA before that, that’s a unique opportunity for us to act to prevent a stroke.
We do have the tools today to treat someone who’s had a stroke, but it’s not the optimal
situation. We cannot cure all strokes, we cannot resolve all strokes. We have the opportunity
to do something about it. The ideal treatment is to do something about
it before it happens.

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