Szpital / Hospital (1977), Krzysztof Kieślowski, 1080p HD [EN sub]

HOSPITAL  Dr. Kaminski, Dr. Deplinski. Dr. Chrapowicki. Mochocinski and Sicinski
at the ambulance bay.
 Who’s helping him there?
– I am.
  Sicinski here.
Any new casualties this morning?   I just got here.
What do you have?   And where did they send her?   The operating theater?
Thank you.   A woman jumped
from the fourth floor.  – A nervous type.
– She’s in Radiology right now.
 Twenty-nine years old. – Some Bulgarian man.
– No, a woman who jumped
  from the fourth floor.   At the fork in the road,
he crashed through the rail.   Did he go off the road?   The car overturned, I suppose.  And is that the old granny?  – She’s 92.
– Is the blood prepared?   – I don’t think so.
– Whose patient is she?   Kaminski’s.   – Kaminski’s?
– Yes. Room 4.   Aftowicz is yours?
– No, that’s the old lady.   So she’s in 11, right?   Nurse!   What else is there?   Put this in the fridge.   An open fracture
of both the heel and the ankle,   and a spinal injury.   – She’ll never walk again.
– How many patients for today?   How many free beds across the way?
Eight or so?   And eight on this side.   Mr. Malinowski
to Radiology, please.   Mr. Wisniewski,
your ambulance is here.   Good morning, Sergeant.   Nurse.   I’m looking for a Mr. Chryskiewicz,
injured in a car crash.   What time did that happen?   I have no idea. He’s from Raszyn.
Krakowska Avenue.   How did it happen?   – She jumped.
– I’m not talking to you.   How did it happen?
– Keep quiet.   – Which floor were you on?
– It was only the fourth floor.   – Did you have breakfast?
– No.   – Not good.
– 90 over 70.   You seem like an intelligent woman.
Did anyone help you jump?   Nobody helped her. All right.   What’s your medical history?
Apart from the –   – I had jaundice.
– What type?   Infectious. Years ago.   Please don’t torture me.
– No one’s going to torture you.   – Does this hurt? And here?
– No.   No, just my lower back.
– Right here?   You don’t have
a Casualty Department?   A blade and a drill.
That’s all we need.   And a screwdriver.   It will take half an hour
to sterilize them.   OXYGEN, please.   Turn the oxygen on.   Wait.
The patient’s not ready.  God, it hurts!  Try moving the foot.   Does this hurt?
Where’s the pain?   Oh, Jesus, my knee.   – Right here.
– Put the leg down.   Andrzej, to the other side.   Nurse, direct the light toward her legs.
Halfway up.   – We don’t have a side lamp.
– So move the light to her feet.   You’ll cover everything
with your hands.   Try adjusting the light.   How is it going?   – It’s in.
– Try again.   I guess it’s okay.  Fresh plasma.  – Fresh plasma.
– Hold this.   – Is the power on?
– No.   You have to press on the plug.   – Like this?
– Okay, it’s on.   – All of it?
– One unit, slow drip.   It’s off again.   – Press on it.
– I am.   – Stand on it.
– Or sit.   – It’s off again.
– Hold the plug in.   – Don’t let go!
– Should I sit on it?   – Yes.
– I told her so.   – Is it on?
– Yes.   Now it’s off again.   – And now?
– Nothing!   – And now?
– Yes. No, it’s off again.   Stop fooling around.
– I’m not!   – Press it in.
– Got it?  Pull the IV out.  Take a look.
There’s a broken rib.   Just look at it.
– All right.   Broken in half.
Peritoneal puncture.   We had a peritoneal puncture kit.
Where did it go?  – To Italy?
– What?
  – To sunny Italy?
– Via air rescue.   Did you call
an anesthesiologist   for the reduction?   But she will be anesthetized?   And wipe the blood away.   Wipe the blood away.
Bring a rag.   – Doctor?
– Yes?   Is it serious?
Christmas is coming.   – Am I serious?
– No, my leg.   Your leg?
No, it’s not.   Sterile gauze, please.   Wait. He’s fainting.
Jurek!   On the bed.   Raise his legs.   Sir?   You call yourself a man?   Raise his legs up.
– It’s okay.   Lie back, sir.   It’s all right.   Take some deep breaths.   – Who did you hit with that finger?
– My friend.   Oh, Jesus.   Oh, my knee.   Jesus, my knee hurts so much.   And below the knee too.
– We’re almost finished.   Doctor, do something.
The pain is unbearable.   It slipped off.
Pull. Pull hard.   The other way.   – How about now? Any relief?
– Oh, yes.   Two hundred eighty zlotys.
You were on call on the 12th.   Your hourly rate is 17 zlotys.   Thank you.   Next, please.
– Hello. Kwarecki.   What’s your rate?   Seventeen zlotys an hour.
Two hundred eighty.   Here you are, Doctor.   – Thank you.
– Next, please.  That’s good skin for suturing.  – Call the clinic.
– Extension 97.   Ask Sister Ania
for decent sutures.   – This would make a good sole.
– A shoemaker would be happy.  That’s her problem. I’ll help her fill out
an application,
  because she’s dying from poverty.   She’s blind. Is that all?   That’s not enough for you?
No eyesight and no money.   An elderly lady of 60 –
64, to be exact.   – Arrange for a social worker.
– You know what they’re like.   They visit when they feel like it.   And she’s worked all her life.   Can I have a nurse?   Nurse Ania!   Coming, Doctor.   – Is it in place?
– Yes. Get some cotton wool.   – That behavior is irresponsible.
– Why do you say that?   – He just went home.
– Why?   I don’t know.   Wait a minute.
That’s wrong.   So now we have to –
Excuse me.   It won’t move.   Something’s in the way.   It went a bit too low.   Hold it.
– I’m holding it.   It’s stuck.
– Shit! The guide is broken.   It’s stuck in the guide.   – Okay, it’s in the canal.
– It’s in the canal?   – Yes.
– But the guide is broken.   That’s it, then.
Hand me the mallet.  – No, no, I’ll hold it.
– No, Doctor. Like this.
 Tadek?  Where did you put the pigs’ feet?
The pigs’ feet.   You mean –   Because we’re eating such crap
that I dare not invite you.   Charming.
Black pudding in plastic.   Yes, it’s hot.
All right. Bring the key.   Krysia’s got them, and Ela’s got
Krysia’s key, so he’ll ask Ela.   Why’s everybody so concerned
about my pigs’ feet?  It’ll slip off. Look.  – See?
– In that case, put it in a cast.   It’s stuck there.   – A spiral.
– Yes.  It’ll slip off by itself.  Yes, it will. It won’t hold.   – Let’s go.
– Where?   I’ve lost my appetite.
– Me too.   – Did you alert the operating theater?
– I did. They ordered some blood.   It’s an amputation.   – Is everything prepared?
– Yes, it is.  Does it hurt?  – When I breathe deeply, no.
– Naturally.   See, sir.   Please sit down.
There’s your T-shirt.  – I’ll bandage him up.
– All right.
 We’ll take an X ray of your ribs.
They’re fractured.
  Yes, my chest really hurts.  We’ll bend this. See?  There you go.   Nurse, sterile cotton wool.   Fresh gloves for me.   – That’s the last of the cotton wool.
– What do you mean?   Borrow some from next door.   It’s not so bad today.   – Is there any coffee?
– I took yours.   Mine? There’s none left.   There was some.   Kazio, an elderly woman
was looking for you.   A gray-haired woman?   She found me.
She’s Mr. Konopka’s aunt.   Have you got any coffee?  MY God!  You’re too sensitive.
I’m almost finished.   There we go.   It’s all over now.   Take this card
and go to the last door on the left.   Mr. Wroblewski.  Hold it here.  Under the kneecap.   All right.   Give me the tiny one now.   That’s the one.   Damn it, I broke it.
Find another hammer.   – Danusia?
– Is this the one? The perfect one?   Do you have a sterile hammer?   – Just a moment.
– Great.   I have a mallet here, Doctor.
Let’s use it.   Hold it.   It slipped.
– No, it didn’t.   Iodine, please.   Ela is scrubbing up.   How is she?   – Have you got any matches?
– A lighter.   The cats are starting
to play in the yard.   When you get up
all worn out in the morning…   the thought of working
in a clinic just kills you.   At noon I always begin to wonder
if I should call in sick or not.   – The next day?
– Yes. But the feeling passes.   Patients are waiting for me.   Is he here?   The old man’s name is Radolinski.
They took him across the way.   He’s 89.  Today’s schedule for the morning: a trimalleolar fracture – Kowalewska, Melania. – Cervix…
– Kot, Maria, lower leg fracture.
 The patient with a spinal injury
must be decompressed immediately.
 And she’s due
for a laminectomy.
 Call the blood bank
and Anesthesiology. She’ll be first.
 The patient will stay in recovery
until the wound has healed.
 After you. How do you feel,
Mr. Gawronski?
 You’re exercising already? And how are you?
– All right.
 But the pain kept me awake. – And how are you?
– Fine.
 And you? Fine. – How are you, sir?
– Okay, Doctor.
 My sutures are out. And you?
No pain, no gain, right?
 Are you happy with that? 

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  1. Peerelowska służba zdrowia rzekomo taka swietan gdzie sprzet uzyty do operacji byl w kiepskim stanie ,łamał sie podczas operacji,,, Kieślowski pokazywal w swoich wspaniałych dokumentalnych filmach ta prawdziwa ohydna rzeczywistość socjalistycznej Polski… na uwage zaluguja swietni lekarze …

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