Sydney Dental Hospital

Sydney Dental Hospital’s goal is to promote,
improve and maintain good Oral Health of all eligible people in
Sydney Local Health District. We also have a duty of care to all residents
of NSW through our specialist services. We provide quite a complex gamut of services
for patients here at the Hospital Specialist services here at the Hospital have
really evolved quite a lot. Anybody on a health care card so they can
come in and be treated Ah we’ve got orthodontics, we’ve got paedidontics,
periodontics So we got all the different bases covered
to treat all the different patients. We also have a community arm We have a 22 chair large community dental
clinic So on a day to day basis we treat primarily
emergency patients who have been triaged by the call centre when
they’re in pain or they’ve broken a tooth But we do have a number of continuing care
patients We see approximately 6 to 7 hundred appointments
in our service every day Being here at Central Station it’s accessible
to everybody whether they have a disability or they are old Everybody knows where the Dental Hospital
is and Central Station is just across the road It’s a friendly place people actually usually
take the time to say hello and smile We’ve been serving the community since 1904
and along with that we’ve been also playing a
very important role in training the future dental workforce in
NSW and in Australia. As a new graduate dental officer I was able
to rotate through all of the speciality departments and gain
experience in all disciplines of dentistry. Dentistry is the sort of profession where
it’s constantly evolving and improving and the Hospital needs to keep pace with those
improvements and that’s something that I’m proud to say
that we’ve been able to do. In addition to teaching and training we also
have a very solid emphasis on evidence base What we practise is all evidence based dentistry
and to support that we actively engage our clinicians
our graduate students in research. Patients still have fear of coming in to the
Dental Hospital or going to a dentist But we try our hardest to make the patients
um feel at home when they come here We can explain anything that they don’t understand um in terms that they will get Just being really understanding of the patient
and their needs um compassionate and helpful and just going
that extra mile to make the patient feel comfortable When the patients first enter the Hospital
we’re the first point of contact we help them to where they have to go You really feel and you see the team of the
whole of the Hospital working together and that’s
a really important thing. It’s nice to see patients coming in maybe
they’re missing teeth and then to see them walk out
with a big smile that’s usually good – that’s very rewarding.

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