Swift River: An Addiction Campuses Facility

Swift River is a real special place. It’s not like most treatment centers. This is a treatment center that allows you to Get insight on the issues. You can actually fix it rather than just make you feel terrible about what you’ve done. You have a second family here. You get through it a lot faster Being in a place surrounded by a bunch of people who are going through the same thing and are all supportive. The other really neat thing about this is there’s so many different modalities. The DBT, four agreements, and cognitive behavioral therapy. On top of that there’s plenty of things to do outdoors. Literally anything. If we do it safely and the client feels important to them, we’ll figure out a way to do it. I really enjoy going on the hikes. We also have tennis courts, we have ping-pong, we have pool. We have lots of land here, lots of wilderness The ropes course comes to mind. That’s certainly something we feel really heavily. Getting clients outside, getting them up, getting them active. If you’re a yoga enthusiast, we have yoga for you. Yoga, yoga is very big. The yoga. I never – never before I came here, would never have tried yoga. Now, I would do that when I leave. Good food, too. You will gain weight The cooks really put their effort into creating something special. The soup is like the thing – that’s where the artistry really comes out. It’s also special place simply because of people that are here. The people are dedicated. They’re here for the right reasons. They want to help the clients that are here. Everyone’s happy and friendly. This definitely is the right place to be and the right place come.

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