Sutter Saves Mom and Baby After Stroke and C-section

was supposed to be one of the happiest
days of their life turned out to be a nightmare. NEWS ANCHOR: Well,
the woman was days away from delivering her third
child when she collapsed– HERBERTON WENDER:
It was very scary. NEWS ANCHOR: A
life-threatening event turned into a very happy ending. RUDOLPH SCHROT, M.D.: This
is a perfect good storm. So everything came together. NEWS ANCHOR: And she’s
thanking the doctors who saved both her and her baby– [MUSIC PLAYING] I’ve been a nurse for
a really long time, and I’ve worked in lots of
different emergency rooms and I’ve never had a
very pregnant person come in with a stroke. It looked really
knew that delivering the baby wouldn’t make her worse, because
she was already unconscious, she already had an
airway, there is nothing about doing
the surgery that was going to make her worse. I think that she did better
having that stress off of her body. HERBERTON WENDER: When
I could see Stella, OK, it was like I have breath. But I could see her going
to the helicopter, very bad conditions, and I was
waiting for a miracle. DR. SCHROT: Told
the operating room to have things ready and
that as soon as she got here from the helicopter that
they would take her directly to the operating room. Thankfully, things
went very well. And after she had recovered
here for a few days, she was able to then
go to Sutter Rehab Institute in Roseville. It obviously was such a major
hemorrhaging and brain bleed, we knew she needed some
help through her recovery. Now Vivian did a great
job of recognizing, I know I need to be here. I want to go home and I am going
to be motivated to do my work. And it really spoke to not
only Vivian’s character but the people that were
eager to learn about how to care for her needs. HEATHER QUERNER: It
was really unique how everything fell into place. She was at Sutter
Davis, then she was going to Sutter
Downtown, and then was going to go to
Sutter Rehab, which it was a very quick process. She got well so fast. HERBERTON WENDER: And
I started crying now, but I am a believer. I believe in God and
I believe God sent you guys to take care of my family. DR. SCHROT: When you
have a single network, it really improves the
communication, the ready access to medical records,
communication between providers, and
also a very rapid response. I feel very blessed to
be a Sutter employee. VIVIAN WENDER:
And without you I was not supposed to do here.

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