Sutter Rehab Institute Facility 360 Tour

I’m Dr. Adora Matthews. I’m the Medical Director
of Sutter Rehabilitation Institute, and I’d
like to welcome you to our beautiful facility. Sutter Rehabilitation
Institute is the only hospital in the area that was designed
and built for rehabilitation. We admitted our first
patient in December of 2008. We are accredited by the
Commission for Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities to
provide comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation. In addition, our stroke
and brain injury program has received special
accreditations. We make every effort
to admit patients into the rehabilitation unit
that matches their needs, whether it be for stroke, brain
injury, spinal cord injury, or general rehabilitation. Each unit is staffed with
nurses and therapists who have special training and expertise. Approximately 1/3 of our nurses
are Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurses, signifying
their advanced specialization. All patients are followed
on a regular basis by board-certified
rehabilitation physicians in addition to internal
medicine physicians. We are fortunate to have
an independent living apartment designed with
patients and their families in mind, which we can use
for training purposes, as well as a trial run
prior to going home. The apartment
allows our patients to practice using furniture that
might be similar to what they have at home and
with safety equipment as recommended by
the therapy team. Sometimes a patient
and their caregiver will stay overnight in the
independent living apartment. There is no nursing or
therapy intervention scheduled during this overnight
stay, but the nurses are available via
telephone or call light should there be questions
or the need for assistance. Most patient rooms at Sutter
Rehabilitation Institute are private, although we do
have some semi-private rooms. All of our rooms are
spacious and equipped with in-room bathrooms, flat
screen TVs, and DVD players. We even have some
chairs that convert to a single bed in the event
that a family member wishes to stay with their loved one. During the rehabilitation
stay, patients participate in
intensive therapies and eat meals in
the dining room. So little time, by comparison,
is spent in patient rooms. Sutter Rehabilitation
Institute is the only inpatient
rehabilitation facility in the area with a designated
and distinct brain injury unit. This unit is self-contained,
with its own therapy gym and dining room. All patient rooms are private
and designed for safety, and there are video
monitoring capabilities to allow for close supervision
by staff without encroaching on the patient’s
sense of privacy. You will find educational
materials readily available throughout the unit. The brain injury unit was
designed with the unique needs of this population in mind– the need for quiet, calming,
non-distracting environments while allowing your loved one
to maximize their recovery. The main therapy gym at Sutter
Rehabilitation Institute is 3,000 square feet, filled with
state-of-the-art equipment, including an overhead
patient lift system, simulated car for practicing
getting in and out, a functional electric
stimulator arm and leg bike, in addition to exercise
and balance equipment. Our therapy team includes
experienced, caring, and highly skilled physical and
occupational therapists, speech language pathologists,
and therapeutic recreation specialists, many of whom
have advanced certifications and credentials. The activities of
daily living kitchen is a place where patients can
re-learn essential skills they were able to perform prior
to their injury or accident, such as preparing
a snack or meal, doing laundry, or
washing dishes. We even have a
weekly breakfast club where patients work
together to plan a meal, shop for ingredients,
and prepare a wonderful breakfast to share. Located just outside
the main therapy gym, Sutter Rehabilitation Institute
has a large outdoor therapy area with a variety of
surfaces and terrains. Here, patients can
practice walking or moving through terrain similar to
their own home or community, such as ramps, stairs, grass,
gravel, dirt, or decking. We have a fully functioning
cross-walk, a basketball half court, and a putting
green for golfers. There is also a gardening area
for patients with green thumbs. Here, they can garden
either standing or sitting, according to their abilities. Sutter Rehabilitation
Institute is a place where you or your loved one can
practice the activities that will help you return to the
life that you want to live. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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