Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento: The Birth of a New Era

[MUSIC PLAYING] We’re turning a page in history. We have this beautiful,
high-tech building over here that we’ll able to put all
these very caring people in. This is a big
undertaking, so we’ve been preparing for
many, many years. When we got that thing,
we’re good to go. Can we have permission to go? It was a pretty exciting moment. Very emotional. We are good to go. Have a safe trip. Thank you. Six five four has
departed Memorial at 12:02 and is going to room 7817. I got to be up on the floor
when the first baby arrived, and I got to be with
team right before and had a chance to just sort of
take a moment to take a breath and just honor
what was happening on that floor at that moment. [MUSIC PLAYING] I’m just so excited
for what we get to do to care for these kids. That space is just the
epitome of what a family needs when they’re taking
care of their child when they’re the most fragile
and the most vulnerable. I think we’re excited to
get to this new space. This new space has been
built for our families, and we’re really excited. Infants through adults receive
the benefit of today’s most advanced technologies offered
right here in Sacramento. [MUSIC PLAYING] It is bittersweet. The new building is beautiful. It is fantastic, but
leaving this place where the kids were
born there, people whose lives were saved here. This building has given
a lot to Sacramento. It still hasn’t hit me yet. Really, to be honest with
you, it still hasn’t me yet that we are moving. I don’t think there’s
anything as precious as being able to be a
part of birth and death and anything more
intimate than being able to be a part
of birth and death, and these walls have been
a part of birth and death for many, many years. This goodbye has been a
long time in preparation, and we are gathered
to say goodbye to this beloved hospital. As this time as Sutter Memorial
Hospital draws to an end, we give thanks for
the gifts brought us to our patients and families
and to our community for whom this hospital provided so much. Half of Sacramento
was born here. This place is very important
to a lot of people. So how many have
had babies here? Sutter Memorial was my
first job 41 years ago, and when you think about
all the lives we’ve touched, I’m having a hard time. I couldn’t be more proud to work
with these particular people right here. As I say goodbye to
an old friend, one that has provided me
with 30 years of income, gave birth to my son, paid
for my plastic surgery, and last but not
least, introduced me to some of my best friends,
I must say goodbye, and it has been a pleasure to
care for all of you patients. I have always served you
with great pride and joy. Goodbye. There is gratitude for the
people and the many teams that have come together
over so many years to create innovations and
care for hundreds of thousands of patients within
this community. [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey, we’re all
going to be together in a new place, a
new story, so we’re going to have so
many stories to tell. When this building
comes down, the spirit’s not going to go away. The spirit’s going to be
carried through people’s lives. Yeah, I mean,
that’s what I said. It’s bittersweet. You’re saying goodbye
here, but the future looks absolutely
fantastic and very bright. You know what makes a
home is the heart, right? So home is where the heart is,
and so now the heart’s here. All the staff are coming over. The best of what Sutter
Memorial is are the people. And we’ll go to
the new building, and we’ll start where we
left off tomorrow morning.

3 thoughts on “Sutter Medical Center, Sacramento: The Birth of a New Era

  1. What a emotionally charged and powerful video by a group of caring and companionate people.  Thanks for taking such good care of my teenage son who had a heart ablation procedure a couple of years ago.  I can't thank you enough for the great outcome.

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