susaneLand – Ep. 4 – “Hospital”

(splash) AH!!! Fu–!!! ♪♪♪(theme song)♪♪♪ Hello? Can I get a little help? Does anybody work here? Can you tell me the pain
level you’re experiencing? Crying face! The one that’s crying! So on a scale of 1 to 10
10 being the max! YES! YES! 10! 10!
THE MAXIMUM! Great, just great…
10 being the max… Oh my God. Can we work on
my eyes? What about those yeah? Hello?! Hello! Ok… Oh my God. Oh my– Cover one eye and tell
me if you can read this line. But I can’t see anything! Hm, how about this line? Oh my God, Oh my God. I’m gonna be blind.
I’m gonna be blind. Still nothing huh?
mmm mmm mmm. AHHHHH– Oh my God! OK, lie back and I’m
gonna irrigate those eyes. Can you please hurry?! (man groaning) Shut up Carl! AHHHHHHHH! (gasp) Ah! My chest! Goddammit Carl!
Knock that shit off! Restrain him! Can I please be moved
to a different room? No, but you can lie back. My chest! Beth we need restraints! OK! Got ’em! Wait, wait, wait!
Where are you going?! Relax and lie back! What about my eyes?! No, hey! Get that
away from me! Get it away from me! Restrain him! Hello? Goddammit Carl!
Knock that shit off! Don’t touch me with that! AHHH!!! Shut your fucking mouth! AHHH!!! AHHHHHHHHHH!!! SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!! ♪♪♪(theme song)♪♪♪

2 thoughts on “susaneLand – Ep. 4 – “Hospital”

  1. Did you like the fries? Bery bery much.
    You mean I can eat fries and watch the tv?
    Baaahahaha you’re underrated. Keep it up!
    It’s a shame Hollywood stereotypes people.
    Stay Lee 🤙🏽✊🏽✌🏽

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