Susan R Durham, MD, Pediatric Neurosurgeon – Burlington VT, The UVM Medical Center

(upbeat instrumental music) – Hi, I’m Dr. Susan Durham, and I’m a Pediatric Neurosurgeon. (upbeat music) I think the most interesting part about pediatric neurosurgery
is I get to see kids throughout their lifetime,
and I can take care of them as babies, and I can watch them grow, and I can watch them just
thrive even in the face of sometimes a very, very serious disease. I think that’s a really
rewarding aspect of my field, and I enjoy working with the children. I’m a mother, I have four children, so that also gives me
sort of a very unique perspective in pediatric neurosurgery because I really enjoy
children, and I like being around children,
and want to help children. (upbeat music) I think one of the unique
things about my practice is the fact that I am the
only pediatric neurosurgeon in the state of Vermont, and we draw patients
from upstate New York, and Canada, and that we’re
really trying to keep specialized pediatric neurosurgical care here at home at our Children’s Hospital. (upbeat music) You know, I come in, I sit on the bed, I watch tv, with them, you know? I watch video games with them, I play with them, and it’s a very different sort of relationship I have with my patients than
in adult neurosurgery where it’s a much different
physician-patient relationship. I kind of get close, down
and personal with them. (upbeat music)

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