Susan Budds, NP – Rush University Medical Center

I see patients that have completed their active
chemotherapy or aggressive treatment for breast cancer. And I’m seeing them for their regular follow-up
and keeping an eye on them to make sure that their cancer doesn’t come back or that they
don’t develop a new cancer. I’ve seen patients in home care, hospice,
getting chemotherapy, hospitalized for acute effects related to chemotherapy. So I’ve spent the last 20 years taking care
of patients getting active treatment for all types of cancer. There happens to be a lot of breast cancer
patients that are living longer and better, and so one of the things that Rush brought
me here for is to focus on those patients. Because I do have a good understanding of
what they’ve been through. In nursing school we learned that — which
is a little bit different from the medical model — but we learned about the human response
to illness. And so really, the aspect that I focus on,
and what I bring to patients, is that I want to know what their disease or ailment or cancer
means to them — how it’s impacted their life individually and what can we do to make
that better or help them.

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