Surviving Breast Cancer, a Memphis VA Story

I graduated early 11th grade I went into
the military for my mom and my little brother. I wanted to do something more so
I joined and start sent him you know support home for her and my baby brother.
That instilled in me you know and prepared me for what you know I would
have to go through for my future. I always have a yearly mammogram. It was in
September of 2017 they sent a letter to my primary care provider at VA Medical
Center and they sent me back to a biopsy. 3 o’clock room in return the tests came
back and I had breast cancer. I went into shock I called my sister
older sister mill sister and I told him and that came down here and we cried and
hugged and cried and hugged then my sister said okay it’s time for you to a cowboy up.
She said you pray for everybody else now it’s time for you to pray for you. You
know it was just a blessing to have a good crew of nurses you know from
oncologist, hematologist, pharmacy. I don’t want any woman to get breast cancer, but
if they find themselves faced with that and their a veteran the VA will take care of
you [Music]
The VA as a whole, we care about our veterans all of our veterans, but we really, really
want to focus in on the women as well. At our Women’s Center we provide
comprehensive women’s health care from head to toe. Ranging from common medical
conditions acute care chronic care and we want to educate and raise awareness
as well as take away the stigma. Bringing the vendors out will take the pressure
off of knowing that you coming in to get testing done for anything that could be
life-threatening. Knowing that those additional resources are available we
kind of take the focus off of the mammogram, but it will also drive them to
be more prompt to get the mammogram done. We also outsource our patients out to
Baptist, st. Francis, out in the community where they can go get those additional
screenings and tests done to prevent breast cancer. The nurse told me okay he said he didn’t
see nothing, but your doctor will talk to you so my Oncologist told me
cancer-free. I am so thankful from the time I was diagnosed, three surgeries I
had, just blessed beyond words. You don’t know the joy that you feel after going
through something like that. You know… you made it, What! Breast Cancer, What!
Get your mammogram yearly. It’s better to be safe than sorry

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