SURVIV.IO – Bunker Orientation

Welcome. I’m Dr. Chandler Tallow, and this is the orientation film for Bunker 4 of the PARMA Initiative. In a moment,
you’ll be given a simple set of instructions for how you and your duo
partner will fulfill the responsibilities associated with the
bunker. But first, a little history. The PARMA Initiative was created in 1983 (skip) colleagues following in the footsteps of visionaries such as Brendan Greene, imagined an island where up to 100 participants would engage in a last man
standing survival competition. In essence, a battle royale. You and your duo
partner are currently located in Bunker 4, or, The Crossing, and will be for the
next 540 days. (skip) -fore the initiative arrived, Soviet scientists here worked to
understand the unique ornithological characteristics of the Island. Not long
after the experiments began, however, there was … an Accident. And since that
time the following protocol has been observed. Every 108 minutes, a chicken
dinner must be won. From the moment the alarm sounds you will have seven minutes
to enter the simulation on the microcomputer processor (skip) -duction into the
program. When the alarm sounds, you and your duo partner must enter the simulation. It is highly recommended that you and your partner share loot and stick
together. In this manner you will both stay healthy and (skip) of the utmost
importance that when the alarm sounds the chicken dinner be won in a timely
fashion. You will notice the simulation changing from time to time. Simulation
accounts and stat tracking will arrive on (skip) Congratulations! Until your replacements
arrive the future of the project is in your hands. On behalf of Nick, Justin
Mikhail Nevelskoy, and all of us at the PARMA Initiative: thank you, parmaste, and … Good luck. We’re gonna need to watch that

100 thoughts on “SURVIV.IO – Bunker Orientation

  1. Tbh this game is retarded. I found two people hiding in bush at the end today, but the good news is I killed them both. But if they had a good weapon, I would’ve died from a stupid bush camper. And why are the trees so close together? People hide in them too, JUST LIKE A BUSH CAMPER! I can’t see them when they’re hiding in a tree, because there so close to each other. And remove the stupid bushes at the end, and if you don’t. People might win in bush.

  2. Hello that Porfa will be that they can put an option to make a private game and you can put people that one wants Bone something to play with Subscribers

  3. Hey surviv when I am logged in but have my displayed name as something else it doesn't even count my stats. I think that is totally unfair since I just got o nthe daily leaderboard for the first time and I never got it counted..

  4. i have a couple ideas for the game

    1 custom server. (you can test stuff out or battle against friends)

    2 game modes (50v50? sniper shootout? one gun only?)
    speaking of one gun only you could pick a gun or it picks randomly

    3 new weapon idea: rocket launcher

    these are my ideas and i just wanted to share with you how they are
    you dont have to implement these if you want

  5. What if there was a sandbox mode where right click plus c would have a new dummy option that could spawn a dummy and you can choose which armor it has so you can see how many hits it takes at a certain range with a certain gun

  6. Try playing this game with a mouse that it's middle scroll doesn't click. The 1234 buttons aren't allowed either

  7. i hate that the fist are so strong people can get so close to you were you cant shoot them and kill you with there fist'

  8. Here Are Things I Think You Should Add!: (i added more) plz add

    -More Emotes
    -Bush Costume (get a bush from a box or something and takes 5 seconds to wear)
    -Maybe New Maps (desert,ice land, volcanic, ect)
    -Rocket Launcher (plz add 🙂 )
    -MAYBE Hats (like horns, crown, baseball cap, ect)
    -Grenade Launcher (launches 3 grenades before reloading)
    -Traps! ( Like spike traps, ect)
    -Friend Lists 🙂

    Please Add These Things! <3 Luv The Game

  9. Three very important things should be added to the game:

    1- you should make the teammates more visually clear so you don't mix them up with the enemy. that happens a lot, especially in team fights during squad mode.
    2- The winning screen should be more rewarding, not just replacing "you died" with "winner chicken dinners". here you can be more creative (like adding a cartoon customized to your stats in the end; are you injured or with teammates or what kind of weapon you hold)
    3- Some kind of points or ranks that gives you a feeling of reward for your achievements. but I guess you already working on something like this!

    finally Thanks a lot for this great game :*

  10. Hello! About 6 months ago more or less I knew the game called "" the truth I always liked it, its playability, weapons etc. But in the most recent update on the wed page on Android, the game went to the trash, the gameplay I do not like anything ruined the game for mobile, before between 5 and 7 deaths, now I do not do one. I hope they change the gameplay of the game for Android. If someone knows how to send this message to the creator, please tell me.

  11. It would be cool to add a sandbox. In the sandbox you're just you. And you can do whatever you want. Would not it be cool?

  12. my theory is that the world has created a terrible thing called the storm it kills everyone in its way And you have to survive until The last human remains and to not get hungry You have to play The SIMULATION battle royale and get a chicken dinner

  13. Please add some progression/reward system .. cus am getting too many "Chicken dinner" but I don't feel it mean anything in the end!

    that's the only thing that's missing from this near perfect game 🙂

  14. Hi creators, you should add the MP40. A German submachine gun that uses 9MM ammo. it has a 32-round stick magizine and is a submachine gun like the MAC-10. It sounds like the supressed gun in but only a little louder.And also you should add the STEN submachine gun. It is a British weapon and has a 32-round 9MM magizine but it sticks out the side. And it is surpressed. The STEN and MP40 were frequently used during World War 2. I hope you take this under consideration.

  15. Que bueno que hagan referencias a esa gran serie como lo fue Lost. La primera vez que leí PARMA, me recordó a la iniciativa DARMA.

  16. Plz tell me ur making cuz at my school and both got blocked so plz make

  17. la puta madre boludo pone UN PUTO KICK PARA LOS QUE HACEN TEAM EN SOLO MODEEEEEEE¡¡¡ >:/ la misma historia de siempre llegas a la final contra dos putos tipos en el solo mode boludo,ES UN MODO PARA UN SOLO JUGADOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOR

  18. I play Survivio everyday and it is great to watch this type of content. I do not really know if you have some kind of blog, but i need to tell you that me and a couple of friends would love to have the option for play the Potato Mode (I do not know how that is called) in every moment from the web. I do not know if you change it for special days but i would be great if you can keep it available for playing it any time.

  19. Imagine defending nobody…

    Imagine thinking ">" makes you toxic…

    Imagine banning your active player base when your game is dying…

    You ban us hoping we can't do anything about it? Well we at least try.

    I'm doing this for my other brothers that have been banned for no reason.

  20. Wow, it's been nearly a year since you posted a video. How do you expect people to care about the game if you don't care about it? Put some effort into your game, put some time into it. We know how much this is making you, at least put some effort into it in order to at least show some respect to your loyal fan base instead of just banning them.

  21. I love this game, seriously. But why does a 2d battle royale browser game have such deep and complex lore?

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