Surgical Care at Williamson Medical Center

♪ [music] ♪ – [Dr. Smith] I think the most impressive
thing about working at Williamson Medical Center is how happy the patients are. When a patient comes here for their
surgical care, they’ll be surprised to see how well they’re treated. – [Dr. Brown] Patients should consider
Williamson Medical Center for their surgery because they are
going to get exceptional care. – [Dr. Carrillo] We are very blessed to
have a good team, and, also, you know, kind of have that persistent small town
feel, but yet have the technology and the medical capabilities
of the larger centers. – [Dr. Johnson] A lot of what we’re able
to do now is minimally invasive. Through the use of the surgical robot or
just regular laparoscopy, we’re able to fix some pretty advanced
problems with really small incisions. – [Dr. Bethurum] What impresses me most
about Williamson Medical Center is the patients are not treated as a number. Plus, this is only five-star hospital
in the state right now. – I think the most impressive thing is the
people who work here, their loyalty to the hospital. You talk to people on the floor,
the nurses, the other medical staff, they love working here,
and that produces an environment that’s so healthy for the patient. – Patients should consider Williamson
Medical Center for their surgery just because, as soon as they come through
the door, they’ll be greeted with a smile. They’ll be taken care of, and, ultimately,
they’re going to feel better. – We have very good cutting-edge
technology here at Williamson Medical Center, all the way
from advanced diagnostics to advanced surgical procedures. I don’t think there’s much that you would
find elsewhere you won’t find here. ♪ [music] ♪

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