Surgery Skills! How to Suture – medical student / pre-med medical school hospital tips

– Hey what’s up guys? So I’ve had this idea for a little while. In addition to having
a blog where I show you a little bit about my
life and what life is like for surgeons, I wanna
start making some videos where I teach you a little
bit about the skills we use in the operating room. And the skills that let us do what we do. So if you’re pre-med or your in med school or you’ve any interest in
ever going into medicine or surgery, this is going
to start teaching you some of the basic skills
you need like how to suture. And if you don’t plan to
ever go into medicine, but you’re just curious,
I’m hoping that this’ll be interesting for you too. So on today’s video I’m
going to show you some of the basics like some of
the instruments like these and this and even this, which is suture. As we go along and I
make future videos, I’m going to ask what you guys want me to do because this is going to
be made in part with you. I wanna make videos that
you’re interested in and teach you guys things
that you are curious about learning more. Oh, and one other thing,
at the end of the series I’m going to be giving away the equipment that I’m using to show you how to suture. So make sure to click
that notifications button so you’ll be the first to
find out, when I give it away. Alright so let’s go. So, what I have here is the bare minimum that you need to suture. So you need one of
these to hold the needle and pass it through the tissue. Most people call it a needle driver although technically the
word is needle holder. You need these which are forceps. This particular forceps I’m holding here is called an Adson forceps but basically you’re gonna need one
of these no matter what kind of suture you’re doing
to help hold the tissue that you’re suturing
through and also sometimes, to position the needle
into the needle driver. So, that’s the second thing you need. And finally, the last thing that you need is suture of some sort. Now this is just one
type of suture, there are thousands and thousands of
different suture types out there. Now, when you load the
suture on the needle driver you need to position the
needle the proper way so that the needle will be
aimed to go through the tissue the way that you want and
I’ll show you what that means. Typically, you want your
third finger and your thumb just the tip of the way through. When you hold the needle,
you’re going to want to be holding it about 2/3
of the way down the shaft and when you load the
needle, you’re gonna want anywhere from like maybe a
15 to 30 degree angulation. Now we’re just gonna start with what we call a simple interrupted suture. So first I’m gonna lift up
the tissue, take a bite, notice how I’m rotating that
needle to bring it through. Picking up the needle with the forceps. Grabbing it on the other
side, pulling the suture through, taking my second
bite and now I’m going to prepare for what we
call an instrument tie. (mellow music) Alright guys, well that’s it. Thank you so much for
watching and let me know in the comments section
below, what other skills you’d like me to teach you. I’m planning on having different types of suturing techniques, probably having some types of knot typing
in there and things along those lines but
if there’s anything else that you’d like me to
show you, let me know in the comment section below. Alright guys, I’ll see
you in the next video. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “Surgery Skills! How to Suture – medical student / pre-med medical school hospital tips

  1. It’s funny how Greys Anatomy definitely does not compare the real surgical world but you can still kind of catch on to what an actually real life surgeon is talking about, just from watching the show.

    You probably get these Greys Anatomy comparisons a lot. Haha

  2. I'm so happy I found your channel. I've wanted to be a surgeon since I was little and now I'm about half way done with my undergraduate:) You're videos are very helpful and I enjoy watching them. I can't wait for more!! I would love to see a video talking a bit about finding your grounds during surgery like being able to identify the specific tissues, veins, and arteries while working in the human body. From what I have learned so far working with cadavers it's extremely difficult to do this. I assume it's just many years of practice? Are there certain techniques that help you? Would you learn most of that in medical school or during residency? Thanks!!

  3. Dr. Hindin, I am an RN, but this fall I will be a full time student pursing medicine. I have read online that this is looked down upon by medical schools. Is there any truth to this? Also any advice you can give? Thanks in advance.

  4. Another amazing video Doctor! And yes I do love your new glasses. Is it cobalt blue? By Warby Parker too? I went their website to look for your other blue one but they do not have it anymore. I found couple glasses that I like though. Back to your new glasses – it makes you look handsomer – more handsome! 🙂

  5. Hi David, Thats amazing! I had an opp on my hands a few months ago and Iv got a small suture still stick in my finger! (non disolvable) It doesn't bother me because I cant feel my finger haha but is it dangerous?

  6. Dr. Hindin – great video! Personally, as a rising M2, I would like to see more about knots and how to practice them. Specifically, maybe a ranking of knots to know before clinicals.

  7. Hey Dr. Hindin, I'm finishing up my first year of medical school. I'm interested in knowing, aside from the triad of step scores, research and clinical performance, what can a student do in terms of extra-curriculars to make themselves more attractive to competitive residency programs?

  8. Thank you!! I've always been curious on what surgeons actually do. Joined the notifications team because you're amazing and super educational!!😂 Can you do the knot tying one next?

  9. Hi Doctor! Can you do a video on "things I wish my patients knew" or "things I'd like my patients to know?"

  10. Sir pls help me to become a doctors, i am from india, here to get admissions in medical college first u have cleared entrance exam
    But unfortunately i had take 2 chances but not selected pls sir help me 🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇🙇

  11. We need to know about YOU as a person. It helps us connect with you. We can't connect with your doctors in real life, so we need to come here to learn personal stuff about you. Please consider doing some vlogs from the grocery store.

  12. Great start for a "how-to", my only critique is that you didn't really give step-by-step instruction. The video was just a bit choppy. Yes, biting, loading the needle driver was good, but maybe talking about why you only bite one side at a time, and the actual tying process, how many knots for specific sutures, how to actually wrap the suture around the needle driver, etc. in order to make a perfect square knot. Just a thought for your next how-to. Keep it up!

  13. I strugle with algebra this man fixes the human body the way some peoples brains work compared to others is truly remarkable I wonder if he even realizes how insanely smart he is to be able to comprehend the most difficult of task he deserves every penny he receives fucking hero

  14. Great video! I'm a rising M2 and I'm interested in seeing the whole process from beginning to end. For example, if someone slices a finger pretty badly while chopping vegetables, what is the best way to clean the wound and what is the best way to suture? How long do you wait before removing the sutures and what is the best way to do that? Thanks for doing this channel!

  15. Hi David! I just recently subscribed and I am so happy to have found you.
    I am an aspiring trauma surgeon so it is very exciting to see content like this on YouTube .
    May I ask where you got the material that you are suturing ? Also where could I get a kit like this so I can begin practicing ?
    Thank you! And I look forward to more great content!

  16. I'm still a kid, but upon breaking my arm I remembered how interested in everything there is to know about the body and your videos make me want to be a surgeon!

  17. Hi, David! I am currently pushing through my 2nd year of med school at the good ole university of Michigan. I was just curious if you had any advice for me as I move forward? I love your videos! Keep it up!

  18. I think you should consider investing in a new mic for your camera… could really make a difference in your videos !!!

  19. Thank you for the video. I find these very interesting, I am a pre-nursing student and love this type of content. Would you please do a video on gunshot wounds? Thanks.

  20. I'd love a video where you show us how to properly use a defibrillator because I see them around in places that are there in case of emergencies and it would be good to know how to use one!

  21. I'm led to believe that there is skill in suturing so that you don't end up with a big nasty scar. What kind of technique goes into scar minimization?

  22. Amazing videos truly a work of art. I know a man who was once interested in becoming a surgeon, but after analyzing the surgeon’s schedule and routine he realized that he didn’t really have much time to spend with family and friends. So he became an anesthesiologist instead and even though he wasn’t making any where near what the surgeon was making he had much more free time. He still brought in a 200k pay check annually and retired with 5 million to his name. So does a surgeon really have a social life outside of work or is it limited by the number of hours they are forced to put in. Great videos by the way👍

  23. Thanks for your tutorial, extremely helpful! Really give lots of insight of basic surgery. Looking forward for your up coming updates. Really Appreciate as a perspective medical student.

  24. Hey Dr. Hindon! I don't know if you're allowed to disclose this information or not (I only watched a couple of videos lol) but I saw one of them was the Chinese Lantern Festival in Philadelphia and it got me wondering what hospital you work at? I'm currently transitioning to university of Penn for nephrology as a patient

  25. First I was a bit sceptical but then I saw this video and you won me over 🙂 Being creative sometimes means how can I make something complex simple enough so more people understand. It was the same drive behind many famous scientist. Imagine your audience living in a country with no fancy university to go to, just youtube and allot of people that need medical attention. Reach out to red cross and maybe offer medical 101 to volunteers who are about to go to a mission. Creativity is one part finding people to work with the other. You need both 🙂

  26. I'm a student who's about to go into college and plans to go to med school with the Hope's of getting into surgery. I'd like see some tips and tricks on how to go through med school and how I should prepare myself the the long journey ahead!

  27. Great content! x

    This is in no relation to 'surgery skills footage.' However, I would love to see you generate a video in regards to reviewing medical dramas such as The Knick!

  28. Don’t stop making videos, not even being in the medical field this opens a new perspective on how to be organized and how to set a way of living on daily bases, this content is too good, please don’t stop, but I know being a full time surgeon consumes enough time already, but I appreciate everything you’ve shared so far!

  29. When I’m in class and paying attention, I don’t understand anything. Then, I begin to wonder if medicine is for me, but when I step into a hospital or an emergency room, I’m super excited with so MANY questions.

    Can you also speak about a students financial situation when you begin med school? That is one of my main concerns as well

  30. I strive to be a trauma surgeon someday, hope it's worth it !
    And by the way, Dr. David what's your premed course ? Thanks in advance 🙂

  31. Big fan of the channel, wish there was a bit more frequency with the videos because I like them so much! Also, it would be nice if you spent more time on primary content of the video. Only a minute or so was actually showing the suture process. What about other suture techniques? Potentially address common misconceptions or alternatives to a suture.

  32. Sir what about for the left handed people is the scissors are same for both or there will be different for left handed people .

  33. My ex boyfriend is trying to get into a a residency for surgery in Canada. Apparently surgery is the hardest/most competitive residency to get into.

  34. im a fashion designer /seamstress but also a pre-med student this is right up my alley.. totally got it ! thanks for sharing ! lol

  35. If you could show us your tips and tricks when suturing, that would be very helpful! For example, how you, guys, leave the needle in the needle driver after doing a running stitch. I know the suturing techniques. But there are little things that only surgeons can teach you 🙂

  36. Follow up video on performing more complicated instrument suturing, and also knot tying with the knot board. Thanks man!

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  39. Would you mind making a video about the mental illnesses that a surgeon may develop throughout his/her career.

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