Surgery Residency at UVM Medical Center

(bright music) – Our residency offers
the breadth of training that’s comparable to
any across the country. It’s done in a personalized manner in an incredible environment
that really does allow somebody to live a good quality life
during their training years. – The trauma surgeons that
we have here are amazing. They’re more apt to seek me
out for research opportunities and just opportunities in the OR. – This is probably one
of the more unique things about this residency program is that you do become a
colleague of the attendings, and not just one of their residents. – Residents here are seen as
the individuals that they are. Without a lot of fellows
like some programs have, our residents really
get advanced experience in very complex surgeries as well as the general surgery cases. – It’s the type of atmosphere where everybody treats each
other with a culture of respect, and it’s a special place to
learn how to become a surgeon. (bright music)

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