Surgery at Hasbro Children’s Hospital: Through the eyes of a child

Hi, I’m Jake and I made this video to show
my friends and my class and now you know what I did on my winter vacation. Nope, I didn’t
get to go to Florida. I went to Hasbro Children’s Hospital and had surgery. At first, I wan’t
happy about it, but it turned out okay. Better than okay, really. Let’s go Jake. So, on the
day of my operation, the first thing that happened is that my mom and I drove to Hasbro
Children’s Hospital and went to the admitting office. At least I got to check out the fish
tank on the way in. I was feeling as nervous as this little guy, right here. You could
bring two adults with you to the hospital. Your mom, dad, or grandparent. I was glad
to have my mom there. At the admitting office, they put a bracelet on me with my name and
birthday. They put the same one on my mom. We both had to wear them the whole time I
was in the hospital so everyone knew who we were and that we belong to each other. Then,
we had to go to the check-in desk on the second floor. They asked a lot of questions about
when I last had anything to eat or drink. They told us before that I wasn’t supposed
to eat anything that morning, but they said I could have clear fluids two hours before
arriving for surgery. So, mom gave me some apple juice and a popsicle. First time I ever
had a popsicle for breakfast. A nurse came and got us and took us to the exam room. There
we go. I have to say, the nurses were all really nice and smiley. It made me feel a
little less nervous. I have some pajamas for you. I had to get changed into some clean
Hospital pajamas. Yep. They were kind of funny-looking. Don’t laugh. Then, the nurse weighed me, checked
my temperature with a thermometer, and put this little light thing on my finger. It just
sits there. It doesn’t hurt or anything. She said it was called a pulse ox to check my
heartbeat and oxygen level. The nurse also asked my mom more questions about my birth
date, whether I was wearing any jewelry, because you have to take everything off. She asked
a lot about whether I have any allergies. She said that’s really important. I kind of
wish I was allergic to broccoli, but I’m not. She had us leave all my stuff in her locker
and mom took the key. Then, the nurse took us to a game room. On the way there, we passed
a play room for babies and little kids. It seems like little kids have some fun stuff
to do while way bigger kids, like me, get to wait in the game room. This lady came over
and said that she was a Child Life Specialist and her job was to talk to me about being
in the hospital and we find something fun to do while I waited. She was really nice,
like the nurses. They had toys, arts and crafts stuff, movies, and video games. I figured
I would play video games. The Child Life Specialist asked if I had any questions or if I was worried
about anything to do with my surgery. I said I was kind of worried that I had to get a
shot. I really hate shots, but she said I wouldn’t be needing any shots that day. Then,
I asked about the sleeping part. I knew they were going to give me medicine to make me
sleep through the operation but I wanted to make sure I wouldn’t wake up halfway through.
That’s what an anresthesiologist came to talk about to me and my mom. He’s the doctor who
gives you the medicine to help you sleep. He said he would use a mask that would fit
over my nose and my mouth to give me the sleeping medicine. It comes out like air and you breathe
it in. There are even different flavors and you can pick grape, bubble gum, and cherry.
The Child Life Specialist showed me the mask and I picked bubble gum. The anesthesiologist
also told me he would use a tiny IV straw to give me medicine and stuff during my surgery.
he would put it in while I was sleeping so I wouldn’t feel it. And when I woke up, there
wouldn’t be any needles anywhere near me, which I was glad to hear. He also said I definitely
wouldn’t wake up until the surgery was all over. He would give me medicine at the end,
so it wouldn’t hurt. Then, the surgeon came to talk to us. She used the marker to write
on my arm to show where the surgery was going to be. It kind of tickled. She said I could
wash it off when I went home. Now, it was finally time for the surgery. The nurse said
I could choose how I get to the operating room. I could walk or drive one of these cars.
Guess which one I chose. In the operating room, I got on the bed where I’d be sleeping
during the operation. There were bright lights so the doctors could see what they were doing
and machines to give me the sleeping medicine. The surgeon was there and she read my bracelet
again, with my name and birthday. She said they keep checking labrys so everyone always
knows that all the patients are safe and where they are supposed to be. The doctors and nurses
all wore masks but I could tell they were the same nice, smiley people underneath. I
had to put on my mask, too, to get the sleeping medicine. The anethesiologist told me to pretend
I was an astronaut and count down from 10. He said they would all be there. with me,
the whole time and when I woke up, the operation will be over and that’s exactly what happened.
I fell fast asleep before I could finish the countdown. While I was sleeping, I know they
washed my arm and put some stickers on my chest to help them watch my heartbeat. And
put the IV straw in my hand, but I didn’t feel any of it. When the surgery was over,
they brought me to the recovery room on a stretcher. A stretcher is just like a bed,
only it has wheels. This is where I woke up. Everything looked a bit blurry and I was still
a little sleepy, but soon I felt a little more normal. There were nurses right near
the bed when I woke up, so I wasn’t scared. And they called my mom in so she could sit
with me. They told me to speak up if I felt uncomfortable or if I need anything and they
would help me feel better right away. There was a bandage on the arm where I had the surgery
and they put a cuff around my other arm so they could measure my blood pressure. The
computer made it squeeze my arm and then let got. It didn’t hurt or anything, it just felt
tight. As I woke up, some more, the nurse said I could have another popsicle. Then,
she took the IV straw out of my hand and put a bandaid on it. When I was ready to go home,
the nurse came and talked to my mom about what medicine I should take and gave us a
prescription. She also gave us a phone number to call if we had any questions or problems
at home. She said we should remember to make a follow-up appointment with my doctor and
that was it. Mom helped me get dressed and I got to go home. So in the end, the surgery
wasn’t that bad. I didn”t get any shots and it didn’t hurt and I slept through the whole
thing. Everyone was really nice to me and they even though they give out popsicles when
you wake up, I still would rather go to Florida, but at least my arm feels much better now.
And I got to be the star of my own video. [Music]

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  2. I had three surgerys there lmao but my surgeon isn’t bad over there and they all are super nice. Plus I always choose my Cherry Mask bubblegum for me ew. Just finished the video one of the kids surgeons was mine lmao it was the one that took him outside LOL he’s my favorite because he’s so funny.

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  6. I had to get a colonoscopy and endoscopy when I was 11 I'm about to be 12 so I'm still 11 this has given alot of people strength including me thank you for this video keep strong!!!

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  10. Actualy the anesthesia mask dosen't have a flavour. When you suck the anesthesia you will smeel a very sharp smell (it smell like a bleach) and then you will not know that you were asleep until you wake up

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