Super Mama’s Amazingly Gorgeous Body After Tummy Tuck Procedure | Dr. Cortes

My name is Roshunda, I’m a middle school dean of students and I’m also a supermom of seven kids. I actually have two biological kids, I have three kids that I have adopted and they’re Asian kids and I have two foster kids who are Hispanic so we’re like a multi race family and I love it. Roshunda is a very special patient she’s always giving to others and now she wants to do something for herself so I’m happy that she came to the clinic so we can explore her options. It’s been a long journey for me like maybe ten years process. I went on a strict diet because I was like 265 pounds. I’ve did all kind of things jogging, working out, personal trainers, going to the gym, so finally I lost so much weight where I felt like I had excess skin hanging. So just looking at myself in the mirror I decided that I needed to reach out to dr. Cortes. I heard he was a great surgeon he was recommended from one of my friends and after I saw her results I was just like blown away I was like I gotta go see dr. Cortes because he made her look like somebody out of magazine. In this procedure essentially we perform liposuction in many areas including the back, abdomen, and the flanks we cut the excess skin and pull to make the tummy tight and then I shape the hips with the fat that I removed from all these areas and that’s just give patients an incredible result. Dr. Cortes is amazing every step of the way I feel very blessed like I never had to worry about anything. Then I’m on this group text if I have a problem or a question I text, they respond so quickly. I love it’s like I actually feel like I have not just a doctor but I feel like I have a friend, a relationship. Hi Roshunda! How are you? Good! It’s great to see you! So how it’s been since the surgery? It is awesome, I mean everything is healed well I haven’t had any step backs or anything so I feel really good. I like doing plastic surgery because you change people’s life you improve their self-esteem and not only that you improve their body. I feel like now I can go into the store and I can get that size 8 but I feel like I have a perfect body for me. Roshunda is all about family and making all these new memories with her family’s priceless. Hanging out now with my kids it just makes me feel so great because like I don’t have to worry about what people are saying or what they’re thinking. I did this for me so it wasn’t for anybody else it was the confidence that I wanted for myself so when I walked out in the mall and I’m hanging on my kids and my family I feel like I have the energy and the need to keep going.

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