Sunrise Health and Rehabilitation Center: Inside Our Inpatient Unit

Here in Broward County, we’re very proud to
be opening our inpatient unit in Sunrise. All the rooms are private. They’re very home-like.
The rooms are very large so that families, if they come from out of town, can actually
be in the room to be at the bedside. The inpatient units always have a family room and a kitchen
area. It’s geared 100 percent to making families feel comfortable while being able to be available
to their loved one. This particular inpatient unit also has outside areas for family as
well as being the center for our Clinical Pastoral Education training program, so chaplains
are always available. It’s also attached to a community center where we have our community
partners, they can utilize the space on one side. We’re very proud of this particular
unit and I’m sure that it’s going to be received by the community very well.

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