Suncoast Rehab Shares — Tiffany D.’s Addiction and Recovery Story

I started using drugs and alcohol when I was
thirteen. I used them all through high school. It eventually just escalated and got worse
and worse, until I started, when I was around twenty, I started using crystal meth, GHB,
and Xanax on a daily basis. I didn’t have a job, I didn’t really work. It was — my
parents that were giving me things and that’s how I lived.
When I was twenty-three I had my daughter. At this time — after having my daughter — I
continued to use crystal meth, GHB, and Xanax, after she was born. More and more every day,
just to deal with the post-partum depression and to deal with how I was feeling and to
deal with the situations that were going on in my life there. Using this every day, I
— when I had my daughter I weighed 200 pounds and within three months I weighed 60. So,
I just continued to spiral down and to get sick.
I went to a drug rehab in California for around sixty days and when I came back to Panama
City with my daughter and my family, I was clean for two days, and then I continued to
use the crystal meth and the Xanax and the GHB. I continued to use these every day until
I got into a lot of legal trouble, until my family totally wanted nothing to do with me.
I came to Suncoast for a drug addiction problem. I actually looked it up on the internet. I
had been to several other rehabs before that my parents chose for me — but this one I
got on the internet. It looked interesting and it had a different approach, and it was
something that was out of the box, so I said “Well, if anything can help me, it will definitely
be this.” When I arrived at Suncoast Rehab, I did everything
100 percent. I did exactly what they asked of me, I pushed myself, I listened to the
advice they gave me. I did — with the Life Skills — I learned about myself, I learned
what I wanted in life, I learned how to have a good life and how to confront my problems
and how — for it to never be an issue again. I have my daughter back. I have my family
back. My family is — our relationship is better than it ever even was before I even
started using drugs. It’s just enhanced all the good things that were in my life and all
the things that I should have been enjoying, I just — somewhere — lost track.
SRC (Suncoast Rehabilitation Center) is definitely different with the Life Skills portion of
the program. Everyone comes here with different problems and different issues that they need
to work out. Not everyone is the same. You find out the reasons that you did use drugs
— like what was hurting you mentally, or just some things that you may be dealing with
at that time. You learn what it is and you fix it.
I’ve been clean for two and a half years and just recently, my younger sister — before
I was setting a bad example for her by using drugs and drinking and doing all the wrong
things. She actually picked up on that and started following in my footsteps, doing the
wrong things, using drugs, drinking, hanging around the wrong people. Actually, she reached
out to me a few months ago and said that she saw how I acted and how happy that I looked,
and how my family was so excited for me and how the great life that I have made for myself
down here. She just — she saw me and she wanted what I had. She had never seen me this
happy before. So, she called me and I got her here and she came to SRC (Suncoast Rehabilitation
Center) and she completed the program and she’s been doing well and she’s been drug
free ever since she left. She has a job. She started her own cleaning business and she’s
doing amazing as well. Suncoast Rehab — it saved my life.

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