Suncoast Rehab Center – Registered Nurse Talks About Our Drug Rehab Program

My name’s Margie Spinoza. I’m a registered
nurse in Florida. I have been for thirty years. I became interested in drug rehabilitation
when I took a job at a psychiatric facility that had a small rehab unit. Their approach
to drug rehab was, a lot of times, just replacing a substance abuse with another psychoactive
substance to control the person’s behavior basically.
I started looking around for something a little more natural and I heard of Narconon and I
really like the Narconon approach to drug rehab because it doesn’t just say “Okay, you’re
hooked on this drug, you have the disease, we’re going to give you medication.” It’s,
“Let’s find the root cause of why — why you’re taking drugs, what problem are you trying
to solve?” The sauna portion of the program is a method
of not only physically detoxifying the body but, as a lot of the students have testified
to, it detoxifies mentally, emotionally, even spiritually in some cases. The person in the
sauna program learns to take responsibility for their own health, they learn to keep the
records of the reactions they’re having, the supplements they’re taking, and basically
they’re in charge with the guidance of the sauna in-charge. I have seen over 300 people
through the sauna program and I’ve found it to be, for everyone that goes through it and
completes it, a life-changing experience. I see people come in a lot of times with a
“fix me” attitude — “I’m messed up, and I don’t know what’s wrong and I need to be fixed.”
After going through the sauna program, they’re thinking more clearly there in charge of their
own health and I’m just here to support that – not to fix them.
One question that I asked when they first come in the program is: “Were you raised with
any spiritual or religious beliefs?” and quite often they’ll say “Well, yeah, but I don’t
do anything with that now.” But, sometimes into the program they’ll say “I’d like to
go back to church, I’d like to reconnect — or go back to the synagogue.” While we are not
a faith-based program, we do encourage spiritual expression and I’ve taken several people to
church, also to synagogue and enjoy doing it.
The sauna program, which usually takes about 3 to 4 weeks of daily sessions in the sauna
also involves taking a specific regimen of vitamins, minerals, nutrients, oils, and the
specific exercise program. They all work together to help detoxify – in addition to the sweating
out of the toxins – to help detoxify the body. You’re basically trying to restore a person
back to his normal, natural self.

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