Summer Music Clinic: It’s a magical place

This is a magical place. This is a remarkable corner of the universe. Everyone is united on this force of music creation. Where else can you go and find four to five hundred students that are passionate about the same thing? Music to me, it is something deep, like, it’s beyond the heartbeat. For me, there’s just a different collaboration with music, in the sense that you can interact with all sorts of people because you have the common link of producing music. The low hanging fruit is, oh yeah it’s a music camp! I came here to make some music! And what you come away with is, you know, I met some of my best friends that I’ll ever have. It’s kind of incredible how quickly you can become friends with a group of people. I mean it’s just a week and you guys are some of my closest friends. They can easily connect with new people, because they can be like, you like music. I like music. We can be friends. I walk past, they’re both playing guitar. I’m like, hey you want a bass player? It’s the relationships, and it’s the shenanigans, and it’s the energy of the kids and the faculty and the learning. Every day when camp is done, you know, the counselors are cheering them because they finished another full day at camp. I think one of the reasons why I keep coming back is because the amount of effort and excitement they have for being at camp makes me want to come back and work with them more. Just really seeing them learn in a week’s time is nothing short of incredible. I remember that as a camper thinking “how am I going to learn this music in a week?” And then you do, and then you can tell your parents you learned all this really difficult music in a week’s time. This doesn’t matter what your experience is, or how well you play or sing. You come here, and you learn. You make new friends, and you meet new people. And it’s just really great. I really like music, but this really make me love music. This is the place where people who truly love music can kind of gather around together and just talk about that one passion, which is something that I feel like I can connect with really well. I really didn’t know what to expect because this is my first year, but now I like met all you guys, and I’m going to cry when I leave. Summer Music Clinic is the place to be! Because it is awesome. Everybody you have to come! We’re all interconnected through music, and that’s a beautiful thing.

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  1. This is a very well done music camp. What they learn from the talented instructors is valuable to them and they hang on to every word after. Attending without knowing anyone is just fine too because there are other nice kids that they find to experience UW in a safe, confident way with. The value for the price equals or beats anything we've ever done with many volleyball, basketball and soccer camps. It remains the only one in our summer camp budget these years. Thank you UW Summer Music staff!

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