Subways to run later, hospitals to stay open during Chuseok holidays

Saro metropolitan government will
implement special traffic measures for the Chuseok holiday for September 13th
and 14th the day of Chuseok and the following day the city will extend the
operation of subways and public buses until 2 a.m. so people traveling late at
night can get home safely the city walls to operate 3,100 extra taxis at night
during the holiday 521 emergency hospitals across the country will also
be open 24 hours as usual but many smaller medical Institute’s will be
closed a dreamy Chuseok holiday an average of six to eight hundred
hospitals clinics and pharmacies nationwide will be open each day from
September 12th to the 15th more information can be found on the city’s
website through tossin call center at one-two-zero or by calling 1 1 9 in

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