What is subjective and objective data in nursing? And why do they need to make words that are
so long? Well I don’t know the answer to the second
question, but I can definitely help you out with the first. So let’s talk about subjective and objective
data. Hey friend, my name is Christina Rafano from, and you may have heard these terms subjective data and objective
data before. So during the nursing assessment, you actually
do both, you collect subjective data and objective data. So let’s what though what that means. Subjective data means that you, as the nursing
student, can’t see it, feel it, touch it, smell it, hear it, or anything else. These are things you cannot really prove. So for example, these would be things like
the patients pain level, if they feel tingling in their legs, their past experiences, how
they feel, things like that. These are all SUBJECTIVE, you can’t really
prove it, you’re just going off what they say. On the other hand, objective data are things
you CAN see, feel, touch, smell, hear or otherwise observe. So think OBJECTIVE and OBSERVE. It’s objective if you can OBSERVE it or measure
it. Objective data includes things like all the
other vital signs (except pain), so heart rate, respiratory rate, temperature and blood
pressure. Objective data would also include bleeding,
cold extremities, vomiting, and other things that you as the nursing student can observe. Now a lot of nursing students ask why pain
is subjective and not objective, and the key thing to remember is: can you prove it? So, with objective data, another nurse can
come in and see the same thing, like obviously the patient is bleeding, or their heart rate
is 90 beats per minute. With subjective data though, you’re going
off the patient’s word. You really can’t prove it. So with pain, you can’t really PROVE what
the patient’s pain level is at. Sure, you can see if they look like their
in pain, but it’s highly subjective, it can’t be proven. So that is subjective and objective data in
a nutshell. Objective data includes things that can be
proven or observed, remember: OBJECTIVE and OBSERVED. Whereas subjective data are things that can’t
really be proven, and you can’t even really observe them. I hope this video helped to clear that up
for you! And if you need more help with nursing fundamentals
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nursing school show, take care.


  1. Thanks for watching friend!! If you want more nursing school tips + hacks, I've got your back 😉 > >

  2. Thank you for this video – you have given the time, without explaining how to build the watch! Simplification by enhancing the information rather than taking away is good teaching. Thank you for your service as a nurse. God's Angels!

  3. How about if it is stated by the watcher, for example Jake's mother states that his son has a throbbing headache? How can we classify this one? Thank you.

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