SubAcute Rehabilitation at Helen Hayes Hospital

Seven, eight, nine, ten. Five, six, seven, four, five, six seven, eight, and we will go into the dining room here, we’ll turn. Little steps, tight legs, good. Good. ok one more. Tight leg, tight knee, good.Grab the walker. Catch your breath. Lean into it, good job, keep going. Holy cow! There you go nice strength. Alright let’s turn about. Now coming down I want you to be in control. Little steps little steps, keep the walker closer, okay, and I hold you. Little steps, knees tight, right. Strong legs. Keep your head up strong you can run your hands here if you feel a little nervous on the bar. Good, Joy, nice. A little ballet! Here you go, everything tight, okay, Try to hold these up. Bringing the leg up, try marching doing this. This kind of coordination. Try to bend one up. Left 1, 2 good. Ok, 2 more push down, good hold it for one, two, three, now go up, stop in the middle here, go one, two, three, now all the way up. I made it a little harder. You can always keep your walker in front of you so that way if you lose your balance you’ve got that. You’re going to open up the refrigerator. Yep, I want you to go in and I want you to get out the cherries. You can always use your countertop, place it right here on your countertop, good there you go. Alright do you think we can take these and bring them over towards the stove? Good.

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