Studying in Medical School | Ob/Gyn Rotation | Grocery Haul + Spicy Ramen Challenge!

morning guys happy saturday it’s Jamie from the strive to fit here with another vlog as you guys know i started my OB gyn rotation this past week so I have a little bit of studying to do so i’m going to be doing that this morning wearing my hangry crop top because I’m hangry I’m gonna get some breakfast too So I’m gonna stop studying for now i’m gonna try to go to the grocery store get some of my grocery shopping done today- Let’s go!
~grocery shopping/grocery shopping/hey/hey~ Let’s do a quick Q&A session here. you ask me a question and i’ll answer it what do you say?
ok what’s your favorite color?
what’s your favorite month? ummm… May- when it starts to get warm.
What’s your least favorite month?
February- because winter is never ending what’s a place you want to visit?
I would love to visit England and Scotland and in the US i would love to visit Nashville.
Of all the places you visited what’s your favorite?
My favorite place that I’ve visited so far in the US is Portland and Seattle and internationally probably… I liked Bali. yea
Favorite podcast? Serial
Favorite movie?
it’s a movie called Closer I don’t know who directed it… but Natalie Portman, Clive Owen, Julia Roberts and Jude Law are in it.
Favorite fast food restaurant? KFC or chick-fil-a
yaaas Shake shack or five guys?
Shake Shack
In-n-Out or Shake Shack? Last time I had In-n-Out was over five years ago I think So… Shake Shack
Starting wars here alright guys here’s my grocery haul from Wegman’s today
I like to have a lot of snacks on hand so have some of these Chobani Flip pumpkin harvest crisp yogurt they’re really good
got some 1% milk fat cottage cheese
some applesauce pouch You guys know I love these
some avocados this i thought was really interesting it’s they’re called Kiwi berries they’re really small but when you cut it supposed to look like a Kiwi so I can’t wait to try these
some brie cheese Some cut watermelon
some of these baby potatoes and i think i’m going to roast them as a side
got a little salad pack that i’m going to eat with my chicken breast got a thing of lobster mac and cheese because they looked so good some of these cheese cubes
They’re like aged parmesan cheese they’re really good for snacking and then I picked up some of these bars that I can keep them in my white coat so I got the mediterra kale and pumpkin seeds and I thought it was interesting because it says its savory bar and most of the snack bars are like sweet tasting so I wanted to try this one Rx bar i like them alot i haven’t tried this flavor maple sea salt at least i don’t think i have tried them so i got one of these and i got this honey stinger honey waffle I’ve had these before they’re really good and i thought some of these rice pop cakes and these are the best like sort of mindless snacks because they’re like 15 calories per piece and one piece is like this whole thing so it’s like pretty big and I got some spicy shrimp crackers and some potato chips one thing I picked up on my way home from a Korean grocery store is this 불닭볶음면 (firey chicken stir fried noodles) they’re supposed to be like really spicy noodles from Korea people have been doing a spicy ramen challenges and I thought it might be fun to do one so
babe- do you want to try one? okay so we’ll try the spicy noodles for you guys ready?
Hi guys! so we’re doing the spicy noodle challenge I think the challenge is just to eat it we’ll see how spicy it is ok so what we do is we’re going to put in this spicy sauce in the middle the noodles are already cooked
spicy sauce and then we’re gonna put this flake thing on top and we’re gonna mix together actually can I have a fork instead of chopsticks? fork???
Aren’t you asian?
Come on, please Here’s a fork for you
Yours is not as well mixed as mine i need to do a better job mixing Ooh that looks spicy oh wow that is so spicy
does it burn? So spicy
Let’s see who can finish first I don’t know if I can finish this- So spicy! I think I’m gonna finish before you It’s really good i like it
It hurts it hurts my mouth
do you think you can finish it all? no let’s switch
oh no!
You wanna know the truth? only a little bit and I threw the rest over there oh my god I knew it!
you put like less than half yeah it barely put anything in it
oh my god no wonder it’s like white
You know what’s deceiving? when you first taste it, it’s sweet but then as it goes down it gets super hot you know I think the key is to finish as fast as we can ok guys so it’s a little late like ten o’clock i’m going to be doing a little bit of studying and heading to bed soon so I just want to talk about a quick thing that I’ve been doing for this rotation for the ob/gyn rotation we have have a list of topics that at any moment a resident or an attending could ask us to present any of the topics so at first i didn’t like it because it means i have to be prepared at all times to present at least one topic any day but I actually have found it to be a really useful study tool because what I’ll do is normally in the first week of rotation that’s when I kind of take things easy because I know like shelf-exams really far away so I just do my rotations and I don’t really do a ton of studying but because of this topic presentation requirement I’ve been doing a little bit of a review / studying every night so i’ll make a little note cards so this is preeclampsia one of the topics that i had to present
I made like a two notecards summary of preeclampsia what’s important like what are the requirements for the diagnosis and how you treat it, how you manage it and just making like a little summary card for them and I’ve been keeping up with me just in case somebody asks me to present i mean i think this little bit of like tiny tiny bites of studying has been like a very effective because actually what i’m doing is i’m studying for the shelf which is six weeks away but I’m doing it in tiny little chunks so it makes it much more manageable and I think this is a concept that you guys can apply to your i’m studying as well whether you’re studying medicine or not because when you have a really busy day can be easy to say I’m just gonna take it easy today and not study but if you do just like a little tiny topic and you master that topic then it’ll help you later on when you have to prepare for your exam so you’re not cramming in the end so lesson to be learned i’m going to do a little bit of studying every night so that number one prepare for my presentations that number two, i’ll be more prepared for my shelf later on and i have to rush or cram to prepare for it alright guys it’s getting pretty late and my hair’s looking crazy and just gonna do a quick thing before i go to bed i showed you guys this in instagram it’s like a knot tying practice kit so you can try tying knots here or here actually not sure what to do with this thing maybe you’re supposed to reach in and do something not sure I’m practicing mostly on these two rubber bands and this rope just makes it easier plus it it’s like different colors on each side so you can when you’re following along the guide from a book something like this I’m it’s much easier to tell which side is what so this is.. I’ll show you the book and I’ll link everything in the in the description box below so this is the book surgical knot and suturing techniques. I have some equipments here and I’m just gonna practice some knots before i go to bed ok guys final thing I do before going to bed i’m going to answer some snapchat questions that you guys sent in couple weeks ago i’m just going to do a few right now i’ll do the rest in either another vlog or I’ll make a separate video for it yeah that’ll be the last thing I do before going to bed

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