Stroke Therapy using Locomotor Training at Helen Hayes Hospital

Therapist: Ready, go. Therapist: Thats better. Therapist: Third times the charm! Therapist: Can I drop the body weight a little bit? Therapist: Yeah. Therapist: I’m going to go really slow. Therapist: You guys are at 1 minute. Therapist: Can we try a little faster? Therapist: Coming up on four minutes. Therapist: A little more comfortable Rosa? Therapist: Can you kick right here, try kicking my hand?
Yeah. Therapist: Good, thats it. Therapist: Yeah reach my hand, kick it. Yeah good kick. Therapist: Yeah look at you! How does it feel? Patient: Good. Therapist: Feels better? Patient: Yeah. Therapist: Bring your right leg back a
little bit more, good. Therapist: Ok, so we’re going to do lunges. I want a
little bit more forward. Therapist: Try that, down, good then push up
through this leg, there you go. Therapist: Keep going straight down. Therapist: Nice. Therapist: 10, 5 more. Therapist: Almost there, good. Therapist: Good. Therapist: Push up through the legs, good. Therapist: Tip toes, now make your feet longer, see how they went, stagger, Therapist: Oh, yeah now try it 20 times, Therapist: and down. Therapist: Pick up the speed just a little bit. Therapist: You look really good. Therapist: You can bring in a little bit faster. Therapist: You
want to step over it so you don’t squish it. That’s what you’re gonna do, okay? Patient: OK. Therapist: .You killed my bean bag! You gotta
go over it! Laughter. Therapist: Yeah, laughter, over it, nice. There you go, we’re moving. Patient: don’t make you like they will get tired Patient: Oh my God , this is a miracle. Laughter, they will get tired. Yep. Therapist: All right have a seat.

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