Stroke Rehabilitation at Helen Hayes Hospital Part One

Therapist: The first thing we’re going to do is work on some balance and strengthening, get your trunk muscles to work. We’re going to bend, you’re going to pick this up with two hands put it over your head take three steps forward then you’re going to bend and put it down, stand up, and do the same thing again. And then you’re going to bend and put it down you’re going to stand and then do it again hold it up and walk forward as you go, and then, good, come up hold it up and try holding it over your head and walking this time. Very good, and down. The next thing we’re going to do is work on your fine tuning muscle controls. You’re going to take this dice and you’re going to flip it over with each foot as you walk forward. There you go good, good. Very nice, now you are going to do that backwards. You can take it from the top and pull it back, and then step back. Nice job, good. You have about three steps backwards. There you go, nice job good. This first time you’re just going to kick it back to me, doesn’t matter which foot, you’re just going to react to it. Good and hold your balance. That’s okay, good. Good and in between just like you’re doing you want to try and find your balance and get stable, good. This time when the ball starts to come to you, you’re going to try and pick up your foot to stop it and then kick it. Good and then kick wonderful, really good. Good Rosa, wow! Very good. Nice job, two more.

4 thoughts on “Stroke Rehabilitation at Helen Hayes Hospital Part One

  1. Hello.. Was watching video on my ps4 for info because I'm prity sure my right arm is losing strenght,my right hand is hardish ta open but my wrist is gone but 2mara I'm back ta tha hospital,1st tha doc said a nerve hmmm even after I told him Stokes run in me family but anyhoo hope Rosa is getting better an everyone there. I will be watching all tonight Can't sleep <3 frm ireland

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