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(Chris-Budtender) Strawberry Fields is, in my opinion, one of the greatest dispensaries in the state of Colorado. We serve the most distinguished people in Colorado, with one of the greatest rates of effectiveness and personability that I could find. (Ethan-Senior Store Manager) Strawberry Fields has 3 locations as of right now. We have 1 medical location in Colorado Springs, and we have 2 recreational facilities in Pueblo, Colorado. Strawberry Fields’ philosophy is to give every customer and/or patient the best treatment possible, and get that customer what they
need and deserve, for a reasonable price, as well. (Sam-GM SF Grow Facility) The history of Strawberry Fields starts in a closet with 6 plants and 2 brothers named Michael and Richard Kwesell. Those 2 brothers then turned those 6 plants
into several small medical facilities in the Springs, and then a couple years later merged
them into one big 35,000 square foot indoor warehouse cultivation facility. Average customer experience is outstanding. Not only do they love the product, they love
the environment and the service they receive. (Jake-General Manager) We honestly serve everybody from your modern-day
hippies to your business executives. Everybody’s allowed through our doors, there’s
no discrimination against anyone. The only color we see here is green. My experience here today was great. I love that people are so friendly, and they’re
always smiling. Strawberry Fields has a wide selection of
flower. (Alicia-Store Manager) Quality here at Strawberry Fields is really
important. We want to sell the best cannabis, the best
concentrates that we can to our customers. (Mike-That Guy) We’ve got the best of the best ‘cuz we are the best of the best. All cannabis produced by Strawberry Fields
is soil grown, we even started producing our own soil & nutrient mix to distribute to other
growers. Having knowledgeable budtenders is extremely
important to us. Somebody coming from off the street might
not know exactly what they’re looking for, or what to expect when they ingest cannabis,
and being able to have a budtender to properly explain and educate how to consume is extremely
important. At Strawberry Fields, we offer a wide variety
of products. We offer gummies, chocolate bars,
topicals such as balms and lotions… We also produce our own concentrates such
as shatter, wax, and even certain salves. (Gage-Shift Supervisor) We always offer clones, we’ve usually got about 3-4 strains on the shelf at any given time for people to choose from,
and then also we’ve got about 2-3 strains worth of seeds on us at any given time, that
you can start your own grow at home with. So, recently we’ve brought in a lot of new
glassware. We’ve got a lot of simpler pieces, for if
you’re just looking to get something and smoke, and we’ve got a lot of connoisseur types,
a lot of crazier looking pipes, for you know, the adventurous ones. What makes Strawberry Fields unique is not
only the environment, but the variety of products that we offer. The type of people that work with us. Nobody else will work as hard or as diligently
as we will to serve the most distinguished people of Colorado. The future of Strawberry Fields is always
changing, we’re always growing and always expanding. Strawberry Fields is amazing. Home. Family. Strawberry Fields is the best dispensary that
you can ever visit. I love Strawberry Fields. Spread the Red. No One Cares You’re From Cali, Bro. Don’t Hate, Regulate. Strawberry Fields is coming to a city near

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  1. if you are able to edit tags, that needs to be done. Add marijuana, cannabis, weed, hemp, thc, cbd, cannabanoid, dispensary, medical, recreational, etc. to increase the relation of the suggested videos. it will also put the video closer to the top when someone searches any combination of the words.

  2. I work here and the thing I love most about it, is the ALL AMERICAN vibe to it. We are all about marketing, and deals and fairness, and it really feels good. I've worked for a bunch of different places, all doing shady stuff, not caring about their customers, and I love working for a place that goes BY THE BOOK, and everyone just buys into the hard-working, fun and exciting culture. The customer (who I know personally), that says everyone is always smiling, that's a product of the positive culture that Strawberry Fields has been able to develop. Very proud to work for them and I genuinely feel that way..

  3. Just left the store location feeling like a fool. I watched this video and then went to the store and asked to look at the clones none wer available to see at the moment so I asked about the seeds that they had and that's when I was informed that I was wrong that they have never offered seeds as a option well this video just informed me that you do in fact sell seeds . So what's going on here ?

  4. I am curious if Strawberry Fields can ship their products to Canada once it gets legalized in a few months? That would be just great if they can. I would get charged customs fees/taxes as usual I think.. I wouldn't mind as long I can sample your products.

  5. The best dispensery I've ever seen
    Video was awesome but need some tags 🔖🔖
    I liked your video
    #love_From_Nepal 💛💛
    Keep making awesome videos
    And waiting for some shoutouts😀😀

  6. Can’t wait to check out Colorado some day for the super low prices from the bud to the concentrate, gotdamn. Prices could be a lot lower here in Alaska

  7. My girl and I making our first trip to Colorado, can’t wait to check out the dispensary here. Looks great, liking some of that glass too

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