Stories From The Clinic (Part 2) – Dr. Schulze Weekly Blog

I had an old, old lady come in,
I’m going to say in her 80s. She was really sweet. She came in for her first visit. And she had a few issues,
but a few big ones. So I said, we need to
start at the beginning. I need to get more
nutrition into your body, because your food
program is crap. And you need to stop eating
this, start eating this, and take my SuperFood. You all know that’s
one of my first steps. More nutrition. Juices, good foods, SuperFood. She came back the next week. And I said, how’s it going? And she goes, well, I haven’t
started taking the SuperFood. I go, look, you’ve got to
start taking the SuperFood. She goes, OK. Came back the next week. And the next thing
Anisha saw is I had her by the back of her neck
and I was saying, get out. Get out of my clinic
and don’t come back until you take the SuperFood. OK, I can’t help people
that won’t help themselves. Everybody wants to whine
and say, I want to get well. But they’re not willing
to pay the price for it. Most everybody I know wants
a Ferrari or a Mercedes. But when they see what
the payment is, well, that rusty Volkswagen
ain’t so bad after all, OK? Most everybody wants health. They want to feel great,
have tons of energy, and live a long life. But when they see what the
admission ticket is, they well, you know what? The limp isn’t so bad. The bump isn’t so bad. The pain isn’t so bad. I’ll take some of these
pills, the pain goes away. I feel sick to my stomach,
but I’ll take these pills so I don’t throw up as much. And I’m not throwing
up that much and I still get to eat
Reese’s peanut butter cups. And I could go on for hours. Those people, I threw out.

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