Stories From The Clinic (Part 1) – Dr. Schulze Weekly Blog

Absolutely every single person
that walked through the door of my clinic, no matter
what disease they had, from calluses to cancer,
where they were given a month to live, to where
it would be impossible for them to be well. If they had AIDS, they
had Lou Gehrig’s disease, I could spend hours talking
about the deadly diseases they had. Every single patient that walked
through the door of my clinic that was COMMITTED
healed themselves. I don’t know Rebecca
that well, but I know she’s damn
committed to living, because if she wasn’t,
she wouldn’t be here. And you’ve got to be ready
to pull out all the stops. “I can’t…” [WHINING] Whining
won’t get you well. No won’t get you well. I want to hear yes. Not no man, no man, no
man, I want to hear yes. I want to hear only
six bulbs of garlic? I might be able to do
six bulbs and one clove. I love beating records. My patients were winners. And the whiners,
I threw them out. They didn’t even
have a chance to die. I threw their
asses out the door.

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