Stop the Bleed – Penn State Health Milton S. Hershey Medical Center

[Music] [DR. CHANDLER] This is a class designed for the
average citizen to learn techniques to stop life threatening hemorrhage. Anybody who is a teenager or older is highly
qualified to learn these techniques. You don’t need any medical training. We’re going to give you the basics from identifying
the bleed to stopping the bleed. ABC is, alert, you’re not going to be able
to do everything for this patient. Get help early. Call 9-1-1. Get the literal cavalry in to help you. B is identify the source of bleeding and then
C is compress the bleeding whether it’s using your hands, a hemostatic gauze, a clean cloth,
or a commercially available tourniquet. [DR. CHANDLER] The mass casualties are the things
that garner the headlines, there the ones that get people upset. Really drive the need for these programs but
the more likely scenario is somebody gets injured at home, in an automobile accident,
or even at work and you can still bleed to death. That’s where the majority of these injuries
happen. These techniques are applicable in any of
those situations. This class is for anyone. Get involved, learn some simple techniques,
and potentially save a life. [Music]

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