StoneSprings Hospital Labor and Delivery Patient Story

(soothing music) StoneSprings Hospital Center
HCA Virginia Health System StoneSprings Hospital Patient Story Labor and Delivery: Ashley – So, my birth experience at
StoneSprings Hospital was, I think it’s one of a kind. Obviously, this was my first. I didn’t know what to expect, but it was everything
I could want and more. I just felt like it was very unique and it was almost like
a spa type experience. So they have the whirlpool
tubs, and they also, there’s aromatherapy. I remember asking if I could
have a diffuser for the scent, and it just seemed like
one-on-one care, which I know sometimes, a lot of times
at hospitals there’s a lot of people that, you know,
are going into labor and sometimes you don’t
feel like you’re getting that individualized care, but
it felt like they were here one-on-one with me. It felt like I was the only
one here in the hospital. I loved every single nurse
and staff that we dealt with. It wasn’t a typical hospital experience. I’ve been to different
hospitals throughout my life for different things, to visit family and friends, you know, even different
labor and delivery rooms, and it just never felt
like a hospital here. It felt like you were
with family and friends who care just as much for me and Ellie as our family and friends did. So, it was just a one
of a kind experience, and I couldn’t see us
having her anywhere else. And we would do it again in a heartbeat. – The best thing I think that we have here is that we have this nice environment, so it’s calming, it’s soothing, we have a lot of things in our, I like to say our toy box. We’ve got hydrotherapy tubs, we have birthing stools
for the birth process. We have nurses who are, exemplify the fact that you can be in any position
you want to be in labor. We have physicians who are, and midwives who are open
to the fact that birth is a natural process and
that you should be allowed to do that to its fullest extent. There are some times when patients require some medical intervention and that’s the beauty about having, of being in this facility and having those additional resources available. So a new mom coming in to
StoneSprings Hospital Center can always count on the
fact that the nurses really care about them
and that we are embodying our mission to make
sure that we render them the care that they deserve. It is our privilege and
our pleasure to take care of patients in this field. We know that we’re a part
of the happiest moment in their life, and, you
know, we get our names added into their baby
books, so being a new mom you walk out and you come
in as maybe a family of two and you walk out a family
of three but you’re really a collective family of
many because the staff really feels part of you, kind of brought into our little family, our little community. (energetic music) For more information about having a
baby at StoneSprings Hospital Center, visit our website

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