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This is a spoiler warning. This is the actual TARDIS. That is finale director extraordinaire, Rachel
Talalay. That is showrunner of all he surveys, Steven
Moffat. This is the Fan Show. So, where we left things at the end of episode
eleven, we’ve got a 400 mile long spaceship reversing out of a black hole, we’ve got
the genesis of the Cybermen, we’ve got Bill who is now a Cyberman, we’ve got Missy and
the Master together who have vanquished the Doctor. Steven, how apocalyptic were you feel when
you wrote this? Well, it’s a good entry level point for
a Doctor Who story, isn’t it? Absolutely everything Is terrible and bad.
There’s more than the usual number of villain and your best friend is dead. That sort of feels appropriate to pre-titles
for Doctor Who. That feels like a standard problem efficient
to the Time Lord’s abilities. How do you feel when you get a huge, mad script
like this one because this is your third season finale of Doctor Who? Yes. And how do you feel? Complete total panic
of course. The first thing I do is read a Steven script
and say oh my god, this is so brilliant and then I try to walk away and just read it for
content and pretend I’m the audience for that moment and then I have to say, oh hell.
What do I do? How are we going to do this? Once again, he’s surpassed himself and how
do we do all of these things? It’s not possible, oh my god. And then I look to the producers and we start
breaking it down bit by bit and get incredibly excited by all of the ideas. What keeps you coming back to end the world
in various creative ways? I could list everybody on the crew, I mean,
Steven, Peter Capaldi, the show, the history, passion for the show, absolutely passion for
the show. And the creativity of it always being different
so you never know when you’re coming in, what the challenges are going to be and I
want that. John Simm’s back! What- I tell you what, I wrote to Russell when I
was going to do this, I said I’m going to bring back one of your characters, do you
want the spoiler or not? And he went, “tell me, tell me”. And I said, okay it’s John Simm’s Master
and he goes “oh my god, the dialogue, them meeting, brilliant, oh god, they’re going
to, aren’t they?” I said, it’s a children’s show, it’s
not Cucumber, we can’t do that. And then we concocted this whole scheme that I’d
cliff-hanger out of my era of Doctor Who and hand over to Chris with Missy telling the
Master and the Doctor that she’s pregnant. I decided not to do that. Over to you, Chibs. Sort that one out, mate.
Off you go. There we go. Oh, I think that would have been a step too
far, even for you. I think so. It was only email lunacy. Oh dear. What would you… I mean, I don’t know.
I think the Master and Missy, I’m not sure if their flirtation is just showing off. We’ve got the Cybermen as well. The Mondasians. So you’ve probably had to direct the Cybermen
more than anyone now, what are the challenges when it comes to working with them? I mean, every little detail is debate. At
one point the Mondasians are standing in the window and they all turn. They’re new, they’re
completely new at this moment but they all have the hive mind and turn exactly in sync
or can we give them a little bit of difference. That’s so subtle. Those are the kind of absolutely nit-picky
details that you’re looking at, at all times, every frame of the show which is something
that I adore that it’s that detailed. My story with it, on the tenth anniversary
of Doctor, for I am that old, the Radio Times magazine issued a photograph. For me, the first time seeing what the Cybermen
originally looked like. I must have seen it before but I don’t remember it. And I thought, they look awful, they’ve
got balaclavas on, they’ve got jumpers pulled over their heads, I hope my friends don’t
see that, that’s garbage. I carried that moment of fan shame throughout
my life into running the show and then Peter Capaldi actually on a panel he said he really
liked them and I said they’ve just got their jumpers pulled over their heads. And he said, Steven, we could do it better
than that and I went, oh yeah, we could actually. The reason I cringed as a self conscious Doctor
Who fan child, I’m sure you’re aware of the phenomenon, is that “does it look cheap?”
and we were always terrified, certainly when Doctor Who came back, we were all terrified
that nothing must ever wobble, nothing must ever look…. we felt everyone was circling
ready to point at the first wobbly set. And to do deliberately retro, deliberately
kind of primitive. It’s a risky choice, you have to be bang on the money to make it
work. But I think it works now, it looks rather than a balaclava man, it looks like a cross
between a robot and a burns victim. And that does make you physically aware that
there’s a chopped up person in there. Well, we spoke to Alexandra Tynan who created
the original design for the Cybermen back in the 60s to see what she thought. Well, I had to spend time to read the script
which Kit Pedler had written and he’d given very clear instructions about how Cybermen
should look but unfortunately some of the things he wanted used, we couldn’t do because
we didn’t have that sort of budget. So it had to be really simplified right down
to the basics. What sort of materials did you use? Well, we didn’t have the range of fabrics
that we have today of course, no lycra. So I used two layers of fabric. I had a kind
of jersey knit fabric underneath to add a lining to the costume and then I had a think
plastic on top. And it made a great slimming suit and it was
very uncomfortable and very hot to wear and I had to apologise a lot over the last 50
years, apologise to people wearing Cybermen costumes. The handles? I don’t know why the handles
are there. It was just something I did and they seem to have stuck. So here we are, 50 years later. The Mondasian
Cybermen have returned. What do you think of their design? Totally amazed. I’m totally amazed and I
think Hayley has done a terrific job. She really had. And from what I’ve seen, I think
they look great. And I’m glad she’s given it a little twist in some respects and she’s
done a much better job on the face than I ever did. It’s very strange to see your
work regenerated so many years later. Thank you so much for chatting to us. My pleasure. Thank you. And of course, Bill is a Cyberman for most
of this story. I’m cry. Interestingly- She pulls at by the end, I mean, come on. Yeah. She gets a happy ending, doesn’t she? So that’s nice. Interestingly, Pearl is in-vision for most
of this episode which I really like. Why did you decide to go down this route? Well, one, I was trying to wrestle with, the
most fundamentally interesting thing about the Cybermen is it’s a human being inside
there. And that’s something we don’t very successful do in Doctor Who. We’ve done different version of it but in
the end when people become Cybermen, they become robots. Bill sees herself as Bill,
like Sam Beckett always sees himself as himself, therefore we see him as himself in that way.
Only when he looks in the mirror that we see who he’s become. What if we do that with Bill? Bill feels like
Bill so in her head and in her heart and her emotions, she’s still that but everybody
else, even the Doctor sees her as a Cyberman. There’s some amazing, beautiful transitions,
particularly when Bill is looking in the mirror, one minute you see Bill and then there’s
a wipe and you see the Cyberman. How were those done? Steven was quite specific, we were looking
at Bill’s face and we come aroiund into the mirror and I said we can do this practically.
So we played certain tricks with moving her out of the frame and him into the freme and
changing the angles. The more complicated one that I devised was
when Bill is looking, she touches her face with the cyber hand, we come around do a slightly
strange move and as we come back, it’s the Cyberman. And when you analyse that move, you might
be able to figure it out. I’ll ask the viewers at home. I was trying to figure this one out. I have
a theory, it might be wrong. I don’t want to ruin it for viewers at home though. We’ll have to chat about it afterwards. I’m quite proud of that one and that is
completely all in camera. The second half of this episode takes place
on floor 507 which looks like the countryside. I heard you had trouble finding this location? It’s bizarre on Doctor Who. Whenever I say
things like we needs to find some country side, it’s “oh, we haven’t got any”. I’m like “oh, but we do.” In my very first year on Doctor Who, we had
to find a Welsh minding village. Couldn’t find one. Couldn’t fine a mining village.
It’s Wales. We can’t find a mining village. So, yes we did. It was just to find a farm
and all of the things and there’s a lot of very clever compromises that I’ve now
forgotten because eventually wat we film and what we fake up becomes the reality for me. This little group of buildings surrounded
by lovely countryside was very hard to find and to some degree it’s faked. That isn’t
quite the building and the roof is CGI and there’s all sorts of fakery going on there. Do you know what it’s flor 507? Tell us. You know when people want to exaggerate a
number, they always have a favourite number. That was 48 times I did that. Russell always uses 57, always 57. I eventually said to him do you have a preference
for Heinz products and he didn’t even know why I was asking him. It’s always 57. Even
in script, when you’re exaggerating, you always say 57, that’s your go to. So it’s floor 507 in tribute to Russell. I love that. That is brilliant. There’s a real last stand feel to it with
the Doctor as a sort of doomed cowboy. So that was in the script? As a filmmaker, I try to read another level
to Steven’s writing and try to understand and get it right first and then add another
level that the visuals should enhance one step further. Should always be enhancing one step further,
that’s what you’re aiming for. So if he’s given you even the beginning of a Western
feel, then it’s my job to say, we’ll this much further and usually he embraces that. There’s the lovely shot of the Doctor outside
with the shotgun. It’s just great visual imagery of him on his last adventure. Well,
not quite last. Peter and I were both very Night of the Hunter.
Because Peter also has images because he’s an artist as you know, he has visual images
as well that go with him ideas for what the Doctor should be doing so we both pulled out
night of the Hunter as one of our visual reference. Speaking of Peter, you’ve worked with him
on several occasions now, how do you approach working with somebody who is so precise and
invested in his role as much as he is? That’s the easy part. It’s how you approach
somebody who isn’t invested in their role. I think even direction is a poor word for
what you do. It’s a version of guidance. And so generally we talk about tones and textures
and idea together. It’s a real dialogue. And it’s wonderful. Because Peter likes
to move a lot. You know that already which is great because you know you have to give
him the freedom and the lighting to move around and do his thing and be the Doctor, Peter’s
Doctor. At the end we get the amazing battle with
the Cybermen in the forest, how much did Peter enjoy this? Oh, he loves being an action hero. He absolutely
adores it. In fact, when I’m done here, my job this
afternoon is to go and add some action to the Christmas episode because I think Rachel
wants to blow some stuff up and Peter wants to run away from explosions. So I just went okay, do we have time? Show
me how much we’ve got and I’ll go and put some jokes around the explosions. What I asked for was for us to be able to
do one long shot rather than a Transformers action sequence where you spend half a day
doing this one shot that’s going to be 12 frames. I wanted really to be able to do a steadicam
shot where Peter could really make his way through all of the explosions within the budget
of that we could do. Even though it’s cut up, it’s part of
3 big shots. He was so excited about doing it. I bet. You can see how excited he is in that
scene. I have this photograph of him afterwards just
covered, like a proper Spielberg action moment. That’s brilliant, I love that. So on the other side of the woods, we’ve
got Missy and the Master and Missy stabs himself in the back and he shoots herself in the back. Timey-wimey gender pronouns. We have to ban gender pronouns. I can no longer
talk about the character of the Master/Missy without having to go slash, it’s just exhausting. It’s a stupid idea in the first place, what
do we need them for? So that aside, Michelle is one of the most
amazing actresses ever to bless Doctor. It’s been really lovely this series to see her
play something else other than baddie comedy. Did you enjoy getting to write Missy in this
way? The thing about Michelle which is very interesting,
is everybody knows that she’s a great clown. And when I say great clown, that’s hardly
an insult, there are hardly any great clowns in the world. She’s so good at that. We slightly lost
sight of the fact that she’s also genuinely a great actress, she’s a great actress.
I mean, I would absolutely love to write her in an absolutely serious role where she’s
not allowed to be funny once. She’ll immediately win something for it
because people mistakenly thing being an actress is more important than being a clown. But she is a phenomenal actress. She can break your heart. She can score a
moment. She can change your mood for the whole day just by the way she performs, just by
the way she reaches out of the screen and twists you a little. You can’t sit still watching her, she is
astonishing. So yes. I was deliberately pushing the part. So Bill has a mixed episode, she’s a Cyberman
for the majority of it and then she has a lovely happy ending where get to fly off into
space with Heather, which is lovely. When you created Bill, did you always know
you’d kill her off at the end? Well, I don’t think she is dead. She doesn’t
die. I don’t and I’ll just say this and I’ll
get into trouble with certain people, I don’t think Doctor Who is that kind of show. Doctor Who is a big hearted, optimistic show
that believes in kindness and love and that wisdom will triumph in the end. I don’t’
believe it’s the kind of show that says there are bitter, twisted and nasty endings
because it’s not, it’s not gritty. It’s aspirational. It says, it can work. And wisdom and kindness will triumph. And
love will always come through in the end. There aren’t enough people and enough shows
saying that and I’m dammed if Doctor Who is going to join in with the general chorus
of despair. So she doesn’t die, she nearly dies and
she becomes something else and we leave it in such away – again, I don’t know the
future plans – I’ve put it such that, because Heather does say, I can put you back
on Earth if you want to go back and make chips, so she could. I kind of think in my head she flies around
the universe with Heather, that’s what she does. Along with that scene, there so is much beautiful
imagery in this episode and one of our favourites on the show is Peter in the TARDIS laying
on his back with his coat splayed out and it’s red lining and it’s almost like he’s
lying in a pool of blood. I had asked Steven, could I play with the
lighting again, given the state that Peter is in, could I turn it grey and made the suggestion
to the art department, if they shine the floor because he was going to be lying on the floor,
they could reflect the lights that we did have, on the floor. And in all of the years they’ve been in
the TARDIS, they’ve never had the shiny floor and I’m incredibly glad I did that
because it changed the look and we came up with the idea that we would under-light, angelic
light from below as opposed to from above. And it’s clear that the red lining is designed
and Peter was also like, he’s got to look heroic and it was all about getting that image
as strong as you can and I wanted to bring the lights on with his mind. So, next up is Christmas. That final scene
– you must have filmed that days ago. How wet is the paint on that set? I don’t think it ever dried before we took
it down again. People think and I saw it in several reviews that we deliberately withdrew
the first scene of the press release versions. Despite the fact we told them, we’re not
kidding, we haven’t got it, it’s not been shot. The beginning of eleven, it was shot less
than two weeks ago and it was the first thing we should in the Christmas episode because
it had to go out so quickly and at lunchtime I looked at an edit of it. This is the first time we’ve walked onto
this new set, this snowy landscape, first time and suddenly it’s going out to the
executives and they’ve making changes and it’s gone to the mix and it’s gone to
the special effects people that night, the day we shoot it so it could be finished by
the end of the week. When are we. Today. We can admit today is
in fact Friday. Episode 11 goes out tomorrow. Episode 12 is not finished. Now, like you, I think Doctor Who is all delivered
the week before episode one goes out, this is how I remember it every year, we handed
it over, there’s a big pile of DVDs, probably in that box set, very nice, hand it over,
hopefully a Blu-Ray because that’s better to transmit from and I go home and watch it. I do not remember, every year I fail to remember,
that’s not how it happened. We put episode 1 out and episode 4 wasn’t ready. And we slowly got later and later. It’s
absolutely terrifying the way this show is made. I keep thinking, you would not believe
it, if you saw what was actually happening, how close we are to it, it’s terrifying. So right now, I can honestly say I’ve not
seen a finished version of episode 12. Wow. Guys, just hats off to you guys. Thank you
so much for working so hard for us fans, to get that all ready and out on time. If we do, it’s in the future. Finally, can you give us one teaser, a little
nugget of what you filmed yesterday? At this moment, we’re filming the Twelfth
Doctor and the First Doctor meeting. I can say, I’ve just been on the set of the First
Doctor’s TARDIS which is being beautiful recreated over there. David Bradley’s recreation of William Hartnell
is so eerily perfect, it could fool you. There are times where – I’ve just been watching
a scene in the other studio – where he is so perfectly William Hartnell, you could be
convinced it’s him. Well, thank you so much, Rachel. We do have
one more thing for you to do. Would you like to play Top of the Locks? I can’t wait. Roll sting. This is Top of the Locks where we measure
the ups and downs of hair in Who. So we’ve got intensity along the side and episodes
along the bottom. So, Rachel, what do you think? Well, this is really difficult. I’m going to start with Gomez because Gomez
has the most amazing locks on the planet. When she’s actually allowed to let them
go free and she chose here to go full on insane here so she goes up here near the top. Peter, desperate to grow his hair out and
show off and not be outdone by Pearl. Also goes up with Gomez because he’s going crazy. What can you say about Pearl’s hair? It would be rude not to, just the must amazing
hair ever and actually the other day I was having a bad day, Pearl said embrace it. Higher,
higher. Embrace it. So they have to be parallel to each other. So the 12 has to expand a little bit. Matt’s invisible hair which turns out in
his future is even greater invisible hair put him parallel. Now, we actually need 2 John Simms because
Razor’s hair. That’s cheating a little bit because that’s episode 11 but I mean,
John committed to the facial hair and adores the Master’s look anyway, past, present
and future so he goes here. If I could I would design a little 12 out
of it. So I’m giving them equal importance and absolute awesomeness of hair. Well, that’s slightly different. And slightly above the Empress of Mars. Well, like a Steven Moffat script, Top of
the Locks has a happy ending. We’ll have a proper look at this next week. In the meantime, here’s Luke in the Internet. As befitted such an epic episode, your artwork
for World Enough and Time was suitably amazing. Hayden smashed it with this iconic image – Xiaozhou inked this suitably creepy pic
– And both Moga and Jenny pictured the Doctor
and Bill in happier times – eating chips on St Luke’s roof. Why didn’t they just stay
there?! Eating chips and dropping themselves? And talking about boyfriends and girlfriends
and man crushes back when the Doctor was a woman, I think. There was also big love for the four-hearted,
two-headed makers of mayhem, Missy and Master. Saffron sketched John Simm’s Master – now
complete with the trademark evil Master beard, available in all evil shops now. While Missy Frye compared her namesake to
half of Pokemon’s Team Rocket. Team TARDIS blast off at the speed of light! Meanwhile, lots were understandably excited
by the return of the terrifying Mondasian Cybermen. Bruno drew this hollow-eyed horror – Sophie reminded us of the end of episode 11
– why Sophie, why? And Sam expressed the feels of a fandom with
this tweet. I’ve got my Bill action figure and my end
of series Bill action figure. Wisely, a couple of you have been busy making
Cybermen, in a sneaky effort to blend in. Joe built a whole body for his Cybus Cyber-helmet
out of EVA foam And Elijah has gone lo-fi to build his own
Mondasian Cyberman. Great work the pair of you! Consider yourself
upgraded. Meanwhile, Jamie reimagined the cliffhanger
in proper Hartnell-era style. Superb my dear boy. Finally, trailer supremos, VG934, have knocked
it out of the park with this, moving finale trailer, set to Frank Sinatra’s My Way. Stop it guys, you’re making my limited addition
Bill and Heather action figure come out. It’s so emotional. So, what did you think of that last episode
of series 10. If you’ve made anything nice to accompany it, please send it to us at [email protected]
at or tweet us @dwthefanshow I’m off to watch that final scene again
and again and again. A massive thank you once again to Rachel and
to Steven too. And that’s that. Well, not quite. Doctor Who might be over
but the Fan Show never sleeps. We’ll be back on Friday to talk about series 10 and
our thoughts and feels. Until then, click here to see all of our series
10 Aftershows and click here to subscribe to the official Doctor Who YouTube channel. We’ll see you soon. Bye!

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    never forgive him killing the fez

  29. i love how at the beginning of peter's regeneration he's all like "hey! go ahead! shoot me, i will just keep coming back, over and over, i dont know how many regenerations i have left but i dont care!" and at the end he's like "no! i refuse to change one more time! if you want me to change you'll have to force me to!"

  30. Steve.. assuming you (or Chris) haven't already cast the next actor to play the Doctor, you should cast Michelle Gomez, as a GINGER, as the 13th Doctor.

  31. Was this the best Doctor Who episode in 54 years or what!!!???? I absolutely loved it. I can't wait till Dec 25th…. But I have to. And it makes me wonder, I saw a really awesome regenerated Doctor walking through the snow (Huge goosebump moment by the way), but… did Peter say he is going to do another season? Or was that just The Doctor wishfull thinking? For me it was the first. Peter is doing another season! (or is that just my wishfull thinking?) Anyway, what an historical episode…….

  32. Loved the episode. To me, 507 will always be the 11th Doctor crawling through a shaft with Clyde Langer and being asked how many regenerations he gets

  33. So we're gonna be returning to the original 1st Doctor's TARDIS will we? I love the sound of that.

  34. Steven Moffat will be truly missed as show runner, no one has mad us laugh, cry and have so many feels as the lovely Mr Moffat. The finally was definitely a hard hitter and felt like the end of an era. Bye bye Bill and Heather, enjoy your journey. Thanks for another awesome episode of the Doctor Who After Show.

  35. The show has seriously gone down hill. Scripting for the storylines are lame and the characters and villains seem to bring no impact the storylines at all especially Bill. Honestly can't wait for Moffat to leave and for this show to get a fresh start. Really disappointed with this final

  36. Love the Quantum Leap reference form Stephen there. I got the feeling that Christel's "hmm" translated to "I have no idea what you are referencing there" 😀

  37. The writing went downhill long ago, no continuity between episodes, just a shifting dream. Characters die, over and over, and shift roles. Vital plot threads arrive at dead ends, etc. I suppose it might satisfy a brain-dead generation with severe ADD.
    You killed 'em all off, leave 'em dead, that's what I say, the show's become a disgrace.

  38. The use of the number 507 even explains the 11th Doctor's answer to Clyde's question about regeneration in "Death of the Doctor" in The Sarah Jane Adventures!

  39. If anyone wants the pilot action figure, there's one right on the side walk. It just randomly appeared after the rain here

  40. Imagine if Steven actually left it with "Missy telling the Doctor and Master that she is pregnant"……. XD

  41. I think it's good that they made the fan show because it gets all ur questions and thoughts like if u aggre

  42. I was not a fan of Missy and the master flirting it's just made me feel like there's no connection of them being the same person all I could think of was a sort of Harley Quinn and Joker arrangement I think Missy is a good character I think she would of been fantastic as a new in her own right kind of character the ways of Missy just feel so disjointed from the Masters character in classic who and John Simms performance
    also Moffitt how dare you the original Cybermen are amazing don't beat up on a classic who character at least they don't look like an Iron Man rip off and fly around classic Cybermen are excellent for there time there is clear imagination if it was not for the original the Iron Man looking ones of today would not of existed

  43. I'm a the worlds biggest fan of Doctor who
    I hope I win a doctor who sonic screwdriver remote control and I will have the same thing as my own son who was the doctor who

  44. Here is an idea for a new Doctor Who spinoff drama series which I call (Beyond the Tardis). Other spinoffs have been somewhat restricted by having to rely on such things as a regular cast and being set in one place and time. Beyond the Tardis would have a different cast each week and be set anywhere in space and time. One week you could have a story about a previous companion and what they’ve been up to since leaving the Doctor’s side. The next you could have an origin story explaining why Davros ended up in a wheelchair, why the Sontarans start cloning themselves and what life was like for the Silurians before they went into hibernation. Plus there would be prequel and sequel stories relating to any of the past Doctor Who seasons, even those from the original run. You could have a story set before the Doctor turns up in London during the Dalek occupation, then have one set years after he saved the Roman family in the story (The Fires of Pompeii). The possibilities for this type of series are endless and give a writer the chance to let their imagination run wild. The Doctor wouldn’t be seen in it; though you may get to see the Tardis dematerialize at the start of a story and materialize at the end of one. Trev from East London, UK

  45. I dare say this was Moffat's best finale in his run on the show, mainly because for once it genuinely felt like it really payed off. The whole series was like that really, before series 10 I was not at all okay with Capaldi leaving but now I feel like his time has really been worthwhile. Missy's story and character arc came to a satisfying conclusion, Bill's end was perfect (which I really hope the Christmas special doesn't screw up) and even Nardole, a character so many fans were worried about, really proved himself worthy of standing alongside the Doctor and had a genuinely heartfelt exit. I could not be more exited for the Christmas special, and I desperately hope it's as good as we need it to be.

  46. anyone figure out the transition shot Rachel is talking about @ 8:45? Is it a height thing? Is Pearl "above" a cyberman (the camera sort of moves down a bit on the transition)

  47. I think Steven's very optimistic attitude towards what Doctor Who is as a show in his eyes is good, especially if he wanted it to be for a younger audience, but to go so far as to avoid death as a concept isn't very educational, in a weird sense. Russel T wasn't afraid to kill people, and that's one area which contributed to the regeneration of the show in 2005

  48. I miss the Fan Show. The All access stuff is uninteresting and boring. It lacks the passion of the hosts of the Fan Show.

  49. With such a great creative team, why would you change it? I would have like to see how much better the female Doctor, Jodie Whittaker would be, if Moffat had continued his position as the Doctor Who's, showrunner.

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