Steven Gitelis, MD – Rush University Medical Center

“I treat cancers of the musculoskeletal system
— typically cancers of your arms and your legs, sometimes the spine. Almost every patient we can do what’s called
limb salvage, which is to effectively treat the cancer and preserve the limb. Hybrid cold plasma is a tool that can be used
for coagulating — stopping the bleeding — but also cutting — one simple tool,
and it operates at body temperature, and it doesn’t kill tissue. It can also be used to paint the bed around
the cancer to eradicate any microscopic disease. Rush is taking a lead position in the development
of 3D-printed cancer devices, and you can develop implants for the knee or the hip. And what 3D printing allows is for you to
print in pores — little spaces on the device — to allow you to reattach the device so
that bone grows into the device and soft tissue — the tendons and ligaments can grow into
the device. And that’s what improves the functional
outcome. These cancers — sarcomas — are very rare. The average surgeon doesn’t see very many
of them. We see a lot of them. We see up to 300 tumors a year, and that allows
us to become very experienced at doing what we do.”

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