Steven Ades, MD, Oncologist – Burlington, VT, The UVM Medical Center

(soothing piano music) – Hello, I’m Steven Ades and I’m a medical oncologist. (soothing piano music) I believe in shared decision making. I try not to forget that these are people who had lives before
they developed cancer. And that clearly will
shape their decisions. I look at myself as an educator who’s primarily there to provide to provide information, to give advice, to be a guide to my patients, but the ultimate decision
about what sort of treatments they’re going
to opt for or opt out of is their own. And above all else, I
have a healthy respect for that autonomy. (soothing piano music) Cancer treatment is a field which is rapidly evolving. And it’s wonderful to
work in an environment where I can bring to my
patient and their family opportunities for treatments that are would not be available elsewhere. And another benefit is that I get to offer these therapies close to their home so they don’t need to
travel far distances. (soothing piano music)

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