Steve Thompson, M.D., Rheumatology – The Corvallis Clinic

I think practice is a collaboration
between the doctor and the patient, and so I see my role, first to diagnose a
particular problem, and then to offer the patient the treatments that are out
there and and then maybe help them decide what is the best treatment for a
particular problem. Rheumatology covers primarily arthritis related problems and
autoimmune related problems so we see a lot of patients with conditions like
rheumatoid arthritis would be the most common thing that I see but other things
that I see are gout lupus osteoarthritis which is the most common form of
arthritis and then there’s probably a hundred other conditions that can have
arthritis as a component in my years of practice I’ve had patients that I’ve
seen for 20 years and you really develop a good relationship with people over
that period of time that’s very rewarding to diagnose somebody and be
able to offer them you know treatment and of course I see a lot of patients
with painful conditions that I can help them you know live better can give
people hope that they’re they’re going to be leading leading a more normal life
and not going to have pain I’m married and I have two boys that are both grown
one is in Minneapolis and going to college and the other lives in Denver
and actually works in the hospital at the University
Colorado I enjoy outdoor things I enjoy it living near the mountains and and I
like to hike I like to bike at home you know I like to read I would say that my
probably my favorite activity is reading we have pets I have a dog that I
love to take walking and we have three cats the corvallis clinic is a
multi-specialty clinic which is great for practice because you can interact
with other professionals other specialties just by walking down the
hall you have more time to do medicine and treat patients

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