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One Hey guys! Today, we’re in Seoul. Hold on 3 2 1. Hey guys! Today we’re in Gangnam. Okay, there are over 500 specialized plastic surgery clinics. Okay, hold on one more time. One of the most well-known parts for plastic surgery in Korea. And today Hey guys! Today, we’re in Gangnam. One of the most well-known areas for plastic surgery in Korea. There are over 500 specialized plastic surgery clinics in Seoul, most of them condensed around the Gangnam area. Today, we’re going to be working with Seoul Guide Medical and a top clinic to reshape someone’s face. Alright so, Tony, Annie, thank you for being with us today. Thank you so much for inviting us. So what are we gonna be doing today? So today we’re gonna be analyzing Annie Nova’s face from the Annie Nova youtube and Instagram channels. Subscribe here. So Annie, where are you from? And yeah, why don’t you give us a like a brief background on yourself? I’m from Switzerland originally, but from the accent, you can probably tell I spent some time in England, so did that, now here. Tony? What about yourself? So I am Tony Medina, CEO of Seoul Guide Medical and this building where you’re at is our offices at Gangnam station. You’re gonna be taking us to like a surgery place and we’ll be doing some photoshop, right? So We’re Korea’s largest medical tourism agency and then we connect patients. This is our test patient today, we connect patients to doctors. And today we’re gonna be going to Answer Plastic Surgery. Dr. Chaman and he’s one of the only doctors you’ll find anywhere, who literally designs your face on the computer and it’s pretty accurate. I did my rhinoplasty with him, he designed it for me. He showed me what it was gonna be like and I said, yes. So, beauty has two parts to it, it’s subjective and its objective. More than you might imagine its objective, because if you look at traditional buildings that were considered beautiful’s or traditional paintings, go back to Rome and Greece things had symmetry and they had balance and across cultures basically, if a face is in balance, even though the proportions might be different and people might think this is beautiful, that’s beautiful, balance is what’s considered most beautiful. So we want to make a nice face more into balance. It’s already pretty but you can make it a little bit prettier if you want. On Annie’s face, So maybe you can turn to the side a little bit. So any has a very slight hump and what happens is she has a beautiful forehead here, comes down but there’s just a very very slight hump. If we rasp that hump down, her forehead line will be in better balance with her nose and her chin because her chin is very nice as well. But then if you rasp a hump down, it’s like an iceberg most of its underneath and the nose actually goes lower. So now her nose would be too low, which means an implant is a good idea to increase the height. You don’t need too much, implants are between one millimeter to five millimeters usually. And then if you do that, you’ll find that her her side here, The the side of her nose bridge is a little bit wide, you’re gonna have to do double osteotomy as an e set, which is shaving it down. Again for balance and then do the tip for balance again. And then now these parts will be out of proportion because they’re a little bit wider than this point in her eye. So if we want to make them in balance, we’re gonna have to tuck them in. So what you’re gonna have to do is you’re gonna have to put her nose into balance with her eyes her forehead and her chin because the face is divided into thirds All right. That’s yeah, okay. All right. I’m kind of ready maybe uh, but that’s part one. Part one? Oh my gosh. Okay, two, three and four is going to be the psych coma which is the cheekbone. So, I like Annie’s cheekbones how they are, but some people may have even bigger cheekbones, so what we do is we actually push them back. So, this part becomes less protruded, and then at the same time if you can turn, this little part of her mandible, we’re gonna do mandible jaw reduction to give it a better line coming down. Some people have much bigger mandibles and they feel self-conscious about it, especially women because it’s considered more manly pace. So, we’re gonna do this procedure and you’ll be doing it on the computer and then matching this line to her chin. So, in the end, we’re gonna have her forehead matching her nose, matching her chin, matching her sides and matching the cheeks. Okay. Is there another step that’s that’s what that’s what you’re gonna be doing. There’s like other things you could do, but it’s So, what you want is you want a doctor that’s gonna put you in balance with yourself. If you just come in and you’re like, I want this person’s nose, and that doctor it gives you that person’s nose, it’s not gonna match your face, a terrible idea. Or if you say, make me as thin as possible and the doctor is like well that throws everything out of balance Yeah, so we don’t really work with those kinds of doctors. We only work with the top doctors who will put you into proportion and it looks beautiful but natural. Cool. Cool. Well Annie, are you ready? I’m excited. Let’s do it. Tony, you ready? I’m ready. Tony, are you gonna be there with us? So I have my dates very busy Yeah And I have so many meetings so I won’t be there but I am sending one of our managers there to help out. Well, thank you for your time, Tony. We know you’re a busy man But yeah, let’s get into it. Before we continue, checkout after watching this video for more information. All right guys. Hello and welcome. I have my doctor suit on. We have our patient Annie here. Beautiful Annie and we are going to be taking some pictures. Well
I’m going to be taking some pictures. The doctor has already trained me on how to take the photos and then we’ll begin our Photoshop face shaping thing. So, we’re just you’re just gonna look at right at me and then I’m just going to do a front-facing one. Okay, so now you’re gonna do a 45. All right. Okay, so now we are going into the consultation time. Why don’t we just get a brief background on yourself Annie? What brings you in here for today? I don’t like the look of my nose. So I feel like my Nostrils are a little bit too big. I feel like I have a bulbous tip and also a wide nose bridge. So, your face is broken up into thirds. We have the top section here and we have this eye. The thirds upper, third middle third and lower thirds and it’s divided into half your face is one side, left side and right side. So if we were to go ahead with something that Korean maybe standard with if we want to go for the egg-shaped look, we’re gonna have to chisel down this chin area. Maybe also deflate the cheeks, maybe go into the nose so you can breathe a little bit better, Yeah, I mean if you want to do a lip thing too, that’s cool. Like Angelina Jolie make them like a little bit bigger. I like bigger lips. But yeah, other than that, let’s let’s get into the Photoshop. Yeah, shall we? Now we’re gonna move on to the Photoshop part. We’re gonna make you look beautiful not that you are not beautiful already. We’re just gonna make you a little more beautiful. All right, let’s get into it. So, Alright, so from my observations a slightly point ear nose could be nice. And, yeah, we just make your forehead a little bit more out there. And, the cheek reduction. Yeah, it’s gonna be good. Also the bigger lips, like I said, I like Angelina Jolie. So, she has really big lips and, Nose reduction. Tony told me about this, Getting the bump removed, so that was what we’re gonna do that. How do you has everything look so far Annie? Okay, it’s very pointy yeah, oh Oh. Okay, so things are getting a little bit crazy here. I’m gonna try to get the chin to be more V. I don’t know how to erase. I mean the erase button. Okay, I mean, yeah, I knew how to erase. Yeah, I just reminding. Yeah. Oh. That’s not the erase button. Here. So, this is just a rough draft to me and basically, you look like Cleopatra right now. You know, I thought you wanted me to look like Angelina Jolie? I mean like they’re basically the same person. Oh, okay. We are going to work a little bit on their front face part of your face to now, so see we can see if we have the, this, this egg shape going on oval mess. The trend these days, I don’t know. Do you watch soap opera a lot? Not really. Let’s so look at the chin right here. This is actually my signature move right here, I like to put a little, the butt chin, the butt chin. It’s pretty, pretty popular these days with women. Yeah, this is basically what you’re gonna look like. But let me get the doctor and see if we can do a review of my edits and Yeah, we’ll get you scheduled in. Okay, so the doctors here. He’s gonna Tell me what I did right and if I did anything wrong, which I don’t think I did. So, This area comes in him. I think her face was a melted over here, a drag sign. It was too pointy the chin was very reductive. Okay, so I will draw it again. Okay. First, we use the elevator tip with Capri crack. Like this, and we will use sofa implant to our nose bridge Two factors in the forehead we can add it that Is quite good And in the front we can we can reduce the cheekbone. Okay the width and mandible I’m chin So doctor, how long have you been doing this about? 10 years 10 years Looks great like that All right doctor well, thank you so much for teaching me and Yeah We’ll bring Annie back in and see which one she likes better. Yeah Okay, so Annie, I’m glad to see you back again first I wanted to show you his and then compare it to mine Just see what you think. All right, let’s go. So this is the doctors edits. This is your normal face And this is Stevens edits. Which one would you prefer? I? Don’t really see any difference. Are you – with these – yeah, okay between your edit and his Okay. All right. Yeah, just do whatever to my face That about sums it up. We’ll take you to the front desk where we can get you situated with the everything Consultation was over now. Thank you so much for coming in to the clinic today. We had a great time Thank You, Annie and We will see you again soon Hey guys. Thanks so much for watching this episode We wanted to use this as a means to highlight this profession and show you how a plastic surgeon Consultation works. Thanks so much for watching and see you guys next time Seoul is the capital of plastic surgery skin dental vision correction and other medical treatments Soil guide medical is here to find you the best doctors the best procedures and take care of you from start to finish Contact us at consult at Seoul guide medical comm for a free consultation with our specialists Let us take care of everything and create a customized treatment plan that is right for you. We help you with Airport pick-up Accommodations in clinic translations aftercare and hold your hand every step of the way Visit our website at Soul guide medical comm for more information sole guide medical. Happy patients always

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  1. LOL 😂 This is so entertaining! Annie must be terrified if her results would look like Steve's photoshopped version. Great work to the real doctor! 👍

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