Stephanie Hosley, Acute Care Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Pediatric Nurse Practitioners provide comprehensive, holistic healthcare to infants, children and adolescents. A PNP is a registered nurse who has advanced education and training in a Masters or Doctoral degree program in nursing with a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner focus. PNPs are board certified as either a Primary Care or Acute Care PNP. I have been practicing as a PNP since 1998, I’ve been a clinical instructor with the program since 2013. Acute Care PNPs collaborate with interprofessional teams to provide evidence based, high quality healthcare for infants, children, adolescents and young adults. Acute Care PNPs provide family-centered care for pediatric patients with acute, complex, critical and chronic illness across a variety of care settings, and they are responsible for both independent and collaborative clinical decision making. Acute Care PNPs practice in a variety of healthcare settings including, but not limited to hospitals, intensive care units, specialty clinics and emergency departments. You can find more information at the website for the National Association of Pediatric Nurse Practitioners, as well as the Pediatric Nursing Certification Board. Visit for more information.

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